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aturday October 06, 2007


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From, September 30, 2007 to October 06, 2007 

Good Intelligence Prevents Major Calamities

Much depends on the type of leadership and work culture of our intelligence agencies.

Q&a: 'Axis Of Innovation Could Shift To The East'

The scope of the Nobel Foundation has expanded despite technical constraints.

Real Estate Developers Looking At Newer Financing Options

Big residential townships, SEZs (special economic zones) and mega retail malls are prominent among the recent trends in the real estate landscape.

‘No One Country Or One Leader Defines Or Runs Europe’

It was a busy week for David Miliband, Great Britain’s youthful new foreign secretary.

For Credible Power-Sharing Acceptable To All Communities

In an interview recently given in Colombo to The Hindu, United National Party (UNP) leader and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe speaks about the relevance of the experiences of the J.R. Jayawardene administration from 1977 to 1988 to . . . .

Q&a: 'India's Position On Landmines Isn’t Tenable'

The Mine Ban Convention, signed by 155 countries, argues for a complete ban on the use of a conventional weapon that has been in widespread use for decades.

'It's Now A People’s Revolution'

It doesn't happen too often. But 10 days ago, Burma made international headlines, when the military junta ordered a crackdown on protestors marching through Yangon calling for an end to their 45-year rule.

Q&a: 'Storytelling Can Make A Difference In Conflict'

Sarah Kyankya is a writer- publisher at Fountain Publications, Kampala, Uganda's largest publishing house.

‘If The Grandfather Had 10 Acres, The Grandson Gets Half An Acre. It’s Hard To Sustain A Family On That. The Alternative Is Industrialization’

It’s back to my small-town college for me, and my guest is the most illustrious alumnus of the same college, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Chief Minister of Haryana.

‘Ismat Never Minced Words’

Many years after she breathed her last, Ismat Chughtai continues to inspire a fresh look at her work.

“Japanese Energy Security Is Dependent On The Indian Navy”

Yasukuni Enoki returned home today after a total of six years in India as Ambassador, in two spells.

‘I Am The President. Vajpayee, Advani Are Leaders Of The Party. They Are Above Me’

BJP President Rajnath Singh is doing a tightrope walk, trying to consolidate his authority even as the party is pulled in different directions by factionalism.

How ‘Export Of Services’ Is Mired In Tax Complexity

Service exporters have something more to worry about than rupee appreciation: the lack of clarity on the service tax front.

We Are Going To Take People Back To The Moon: Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin, Administrator, NASA, on moon landings, the missions to Mars, and the possible cooperation between India and the U.S.

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