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aturday August 18, 2007


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From, August 12, 2007 to August 18, 2007 

Married To The Art

Bharatanatyam dancer Uma Vasudevan, a granddaughter of the legendary vocalist T. Mukta and grandniece of T. Balasaraswati, carries her legacy and her responsibilities with ease.

All About Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are investment vehicles that take big bets on a wide range of assets and specialise in sophisticated investment techniques.

‘Cpm Wants To Have The Cake And Eat It Too’

Andhra Pradesh’s Congress Chief Minister Y S Rajshekhar Reddy has been the target of Left ire in recent months.

‘We Need Cathedral Thinking... To Address Climate Change Over Many Decades’

Every day, Americans plug their cell phones, iPods and laptops into the wall, unaware that most of their electricity comes from coal, the dirtiest form of energy production.

Costing Body Plans `Accounting Technicians' Course

In addition to the present shortage of 25,000 qualified finance professionals, there will be a demand for 10 lakh accountancy-trained personnel in the next 10 years at a the junior level, says Mr Chandra Wadhwa, the newly elected President of the . . . .

Is The ‘Impairment’ Standard Beyond Repair?

The standard (AS-28) seems to provide guidance primarily from the perspective of a manufacturing company, even though close to half of India’s GDP is contributed by the service sector.

‘No Possibility Of Any Interruption.’

“THIS Agreement is a practical solution, which meets all our requirements. It is a practical way forward. So it is satisfactory,” said Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, about the 123 Agreement between India and the United . . . .

Commissions Are Failing To Impose Fine

Arvind Kejriwal, winner of the Ramon Magsaysay award, who was instrumental in the enforcement of the RTI Act, speeks about the Act and the progress made in the last two years.

“It Is A Practical Solution That Meets All Our Requirements”

Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, says the ‘123’ agreement between India and the United States on nuclear cooperation “is a practical way forward. So it is satisfactory.”

‘Business — More Than Government Or Civil Society — Is Equipped To Lead Us Towards A Sustainable World’

Can a business go green and yet make a profit? Professor Stuart Hart, a leading authority on sustainability and business strategy thinks it is just a matter of changing mindsets.


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