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aturday August 04, 2007


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                                                                                                                   From, July 29, 2007 to August 04, 2007 

‘Spatial Balance Of India’s Economic Development Is Unclear’

The boom in the Indian economy, while distributed across sectors such as Information Technology, auto and manufacturing, is leading to concerns of geographic concentration of economic activity and its consequences for economic development.

Leela Samson On The Indian Art Scene

Uninvited visitors enter a college where an examination procedure in the form of a student art exhibition is being held and denounce some paintings as "vulgar" and "offensive to religious sentiment".

Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil

Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil, 76, chairman of the Inter-Church Council for Education, is a veteran of many battles in the education sector in Kerala.

'India Advantage Is Not Just About Cost And Skills'

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, John Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Azim Premji. What does it take to reach this level?

‘We Will Look Back In A Few Decades And Wonder What The Oil Fuss Was About’

Amory B. Lovins talks big. He proposes to wean America off oil by the 2040s, touts ultra-light cars and tells some of the most powerful corporate executives in the world, like those at Wal-Mart and Texas Instruments, how to behave more efficiently.

'Ensuring Equity Is Crucial To Globalisation'

Globalisation is the most talked about phenomenon these days. Nayan Chanda, former editor of Far Eastern Economic Review and director of publications at the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, says it is a process as old as the human race.

Poetry In Architecture

Architecture is the only art, which demands wanderings through space for us to appreciate it.

Landmark Test

“But how can you say I have rheumatoid arthritis when my report says ‘negative’ for Rheumatoid Factor ?” asked Mallika when I told her that her joint pains were most likely related to early stage Rheumatoid Arth ritis and that she needed proper treatment.

“I Don’t Think The Country Is Yet Willing To Recognise The U.S. Is A Benign Power”

In the second part of his exclusive interview to The Hindu, National Security AdviserM.K. Narayanandiscusses the link between the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal and the wider strategic relationship between the two countries. Excerpts:

Here’s Looking At You, Haldia

The results of the municipal polls held recently in Haldia, West Bengal, were decoded furiously by pundits of ‘national’ politics.

“This Is As Good A Text As One Can Possibly Get”

National Security Adviser M.K. Narayanan on the negotiations with the United States over the bilateral Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, also known as the 123 agreement, and what this means for the future of India-U.S. relations.

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