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aturday July 28, 2007


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                                                                                                                   From, July 22, 2007 to July 28, 2007 

'Consumerism Has Changed Our Values'

Mention trafficking of women and Gram Niyojan Kendra of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh comes to mind.

Gateway To Development

Adityapur Industrial Area Development Authority (AIADA) has been instrumental in the industrialisation of Adityapur and its surrounding areas.

Words Should Stand The Test Of Time

Starting as a lecturer at the Department of History in the University of Calcutta, Rudrangshu Mukherjee moved into journalism 12 years later.

“There Is Nothing But Goodwill Towards India”

Brendan Nelson, Australia’s Minister for Defence, speaks on bilateral relations and on his country’s ties with China.

Complete Healthcare Is Fortis Healthworld’s Usp

The non-stop retail fever has gripped the pill makers and the pharma companies are now all set to bet their bucks in pink retailing.

75% Of Our Oil Needs Are Met Through Import, We Can’t Avoid Price Rise

Union minister of petroleum and natural gas Murli Deora has his eyes set on increasing the oil refining capacity in the country.

Anjan Dutt

The Bong Connection, a film directed by the actor-singer, has just been released. And Bow Barracks Forever will follow soon.

'We're Talking To TDP And Sp About The Third Alternative'

The next general elections may be in 2009. But for the CPI (M) the countdown has already begun.

Democracy Is Only A Means To Achieve Secularism

In any vibrant society, there would be many schools of thought, and the fact that they dont agree with each other does not indicate that there must be a bloody battle between them, driven by some imagined clash of civilisations.

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