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aturday June 30, 2007


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                                                                                                                   From, June 24, 2007 to June 30, 2007 

Divine Notes

Famous music composer Ravindra Jain is turning a new leaf by coming up with a poetic translation of the Holy Quran.

In Praise Of His Guru

Palai C.K. Ramachandran’s book on his guru Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, which will be published soon, is a tribute to the legend.

'No Compromise On Training Methods'

The first Vice-Chancellor of the Kalamandalam Deemed University of Art and Culture, K.G. Paulose, talks about his plans for the institution.

Quite A Story To Tell

Margi Sathi speaks about her journey with the little-known art of Nangiar Koothu ANJANA RAJAN .

The Safest Energy, But Dangers Lurk Too

"Nuclear power plants are very safe because they are dangerous people take safety seriously because they know how dangerous it can get."

Awareness About Ones Roots Will Help Preserve Culture

Namgyal Lhamo, an exponent of Tibetan Opera music, speaks to Utpal Borpujari of Deccan Herald in the backdrop of the recent release of The Enchanted Land and Pure, her new albums, in India.

‘India Among 3 Pipe Production Hubs’

Indian pipe companies are getting orders from all over the world. Have the Indian companies made their mark in the international market?

'Killing Dogs Isn't Good For Ecology'

Avis Lyons, founder of Animal Rescue, Kerala, is a 65-year-old British woman who has sold her property in England and has settled in Thiruvananthapuram with the single mission of caring for stray dogs and other animals.

From The Page To The Stage

Performance-poet Patience Agbabi on “poetry off the page”. Renuka Rajaratnam

‘By God’s Grace, The Indian Musician Is Three-In-One. When I . ..

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, one of India’s foremost classical musicians, is the one name most people think of when the sarod is mentioned.

Compromise Candidate

For the 1954-born Digambar Kamat, life has come full circle. Though he started his political career in the Congress, it was in the Bharatiya JanataParty (BJP) that he attained prominence.

Right For Knowledge Industry

Interview with K.R. Jyothilal, Director, Kerala State IT Mission.

'Mobile Banking Is The Future'

Nucleus Software is one of the few Indian IT companies to focus on products for the banking sector.

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