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aturday June 02, 2007


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                                                                                                                   From, May 27, 2007 to June 02, 2007 

‘I Loved It’

Johnny Depp talks about the remarkable Jack Sparrow and his experience playing the role.

Double Deal, Straight Talk

Sandhya Mridul reveals her theatre sense with “Double Deal”

Reinforcing A Link

A branch of Srirangam Jeer Mutt is coming up at Tirumala.

Beyond All That Song And Dance

Veteran dancer Padma Subrahmanyam on classical arts and the media.

Striking A Balance

Poornima Indrajith’s charisma and talent have helped her excel in films and television programmes.

Master Of Theatre

Veteran theatre person V. Ramamurthy speaks of the total experience of theatre that implies team work, discipline and dedication.

Switch On Or Switch Off?

The prime minister told chief ministers recently that the power crisis is in fact a prime political crisis. Some numbers make this evident: India’s installed capacity is 132,000 MW (March 2007).

Start Viewing Global Diaspora As A Brain Bank

Multiculturalism is a good thing because it reflects the reality that society is culturally diverse — not just because of immigration — and because tolerance of differences within the framework of liberal democracy is the basis for peaceful co-existence.

Reservation Is No Solution To Eradicate Caste System

The caste-based reservation policy in India has failed to address the caste issue at large and this experience has helped us devise a new strategy to eradicate the caste system prevailing in Nepal...

Seeking St Status: Anger In Rajasthan Boils Over, 14 Dead

Caste tensions simmering for the last five years boiled over in Rajasthan when an agitation by the Gurjjar community, demanding they be moved from the category of OBC to Scheduled Tribe, turned violent today.

Imtiaz Dharker

One of the UK's most popular poets, Imtiaz Dharker's latest book, The Terrorist At My Table, was launched recently.

'Let's See What's Left In The Treasury'

Twenty-four hours after being sworn in, UP chief minister Mayawati spoke to Outlook.

Q&a:health Care In India Entirely Doctor-Driven

The dearth of hands-on clinical training in managing medical exigencies is a serious handicap for health-care professionals in India.

'What Is A Fatwa For A Progressive Woman? '

Back home, Pakistan's Tourism Minister Nilofer Bakhtiar faces a cleric's fatwa for "un-Islamic behaviour". But that does not stop her from recognising that this is the "best time for women in Pakistan".

I Still Get Fan Mail For Mera Naam Shabnam: Bindu

I'm at her Eden Hall apartment which has a glorious view of the Haji Ali dargah.. Although the house is in a mess because of renovation, she’s anything but.

'Children Are Also Sexual Beings'

It's no boon being children in India, or for that matter, anywhere in the world. This is chillingly borne out by statistics that put the number of children in one form of distress or another at a staggering 300 million.

Tds On Service Tax Collected By Service Provider

Under the Service Tax Act/ Rules, service tax is collected by the service provider from the client to be paid in full to Government account.

Targeting The Girl

Gita Aravamudan's book Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Foeticide was recently published by Penguin Books.

‘An Outsourcing Hub For Generics’

Chennai-based Shasun Chemicals and Drugs is the biggest bulk and intermediaries manufacturer of Ibuprofen (anti inflammatory drug).

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