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                                                                                                                   From, February 11, 2007 to February 24, 2007 

Author Of Blockbusters

T. Damodaran is busy writing a screenplay for director I.V. Sasi, with whom he has enjoyed a successful partnership.

The Long March Goes On

Vempati Chinna Satyam speaks on his journey from Kuchipudi.

Humanity In Tune

At the Patiala Heritage Festival, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty's concert was as enjoyable as it was informative.

A Picture Of Grace

Deepika Reddy, among the most talented students of the legendary Vempatti Chinna Satyam, believes in constant learning.

Q&a: Let Children With Special Needs Learn With Others

The UK has been a pioneer in tackling the challenges presented by special educational needs.

An Enhanced Interface For Interacting With People

Nikhil Kumar of Deccan Herald spoke to Dr Wendy Hall, a professor of Computer Science and founding head of the Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia (IAM) research group at the University of Southampton, UK, about TNG(The Next Generation)web.

Tax Efficiencies And Treaties Help M&a

Consolidation in the pharma space is clearly here to stay and India's M&A juggernaut is not likely to slow down soon.

Firms Will Have To Build Size

Last week, a global Big Four accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), took over the tax practice unit of India-based RSM Pvt. Ltd. for an undisclosed sum.

Economists Cannot Predict The Movement Of Stock Markets

Apart from the Budget's immediate impact on stock movements, it is important to give the market at least a month for it to process and incorporate the Budget's implications into the market indices.

"I Believe In India"

The chairman of Fiat and president of Ferrari is an icon in Italy, and not just for the usual attributes of good looks and style.

'A Tremendous Humanitarian Tragedy'

The dead include a number of Pakistanis, many of them burnt beyond recognition... Visas will be issued to relatives of the dead and injured by the High Commission of India in Islamabad, which will set up a visa camp in Lahore for this purpose.

A Tariff To Ensure Transparency In The Power Sector

Availability-based tariff scores over other systems. Here, the user, by committing to guarantee operation of the plant at specified levels throughout the life-time of the plant, is able to reap the economies of scale.

Q&a: There's A Parallel Universe Beneath Our Feet

He's been making wildlife films for more than 30 years, yet Mike Salisbury says he was surprised to get the lifetime achievement award at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol recently.

Court And A Controversy

A state government is teetering on the edge of Article 356, and suddenly it seems like even the coalition age may not have fully blunted the edge of this favoured weapon of the Centre against the states in bygone years.

‘Govt Officials Also Have A Hand In Land Encroachment’

A T Ramaswamy is in the hot seat. As chairman of the Joint House Committee of the Karnataka Legislature, he has the daunting task of unearthing cases, where government land has been encroached upon in Bangalore’s urban district.

'The Issue Of Racism Is A Hundred-Fold More Inflated In Uk Than The Hindu-Muslim Issue In Our Country’

Hello and welcome to Walk the Talk. I’m Shekhar Gupta, at Hyde Park in London, with this week’s guest — a celebrity to tens and millions of people, not just in India but all over Britain.

Eternal Optimist

There are scripts to write, actors to be discovered, movies to be made, books to be written... Life is just too short for veteran actor Dev Anand.

'French Mncs Prefer Indian Students'

Having missed the bus as far as trade and investments are concerned, France, India’s long-standing cultural partner, is now looking at expanding the overall bilateral relationship between the two countries.

I’ve Been Planning Veerappan Film For 5 Yrs

“I have got every right to make a film on Veerappan. He never took anybody’s permission to kill” A M R Ramesh . . . .

‘Given The Choice Of Re-Applying... I Chose To Walk’

The UPA government denied a visa to this scholar. His topic: how education and secular Islam are changing the story of the Muslim girl in India.

Prisoner's Dilemma In Asian Exchange Rate Policies

The extreme export-oriented nature of most Asian economies has given rise to a collective action problem where the fear of losing competitiveness leads each of them to heavily manage their respective currencies.

State Of The Waters

The much awaited verdict on the Baglihar Hydel Project (BHP) has been given. Raymond Laffite, the World Bank appointed Swiss neutral expert (NE) arbitrating the protracted differences between India and Pakistan, gave his final judgment on February . . .

"We Should Work For A More Visible Malaysia-India Relationship"

Malaysia's Foreign MinisterSyed Hamid Albaron the prospects for better bilateral ties. Excerpts from an interview at his office in Putra Jaya, prior to his planned visit to India this week:

'There Should Be A Dialogue Between Civilisations'

Francesco Rutelli is the deputy prime minister and minister for culture and tourism in the Italian government.

Hello, Hello, It’s A Deal

British telecom giant Vodafone has acquired a majority stake in India’s fourth largest mobile operator, Hutch Essar, for a cash consideraton of $11.1 billion, implying an enterprise value of $18.8 billion.

‘They (Sonia And Rahul) Are Not Familiar With The Air, The Water Of Up... They Know Nothing About Its Fasal’

In these elections, all parties are against you. Except the CPM. But it doesn’t have much weight in UP.

"University Presses Act As Gatekeepers"

Henry Reece, Chief Executive of Oxford University Press, on the dynamics of scholarly publishing.

Q&a: Speak Up Every Time A Fanaa Or Parzania Is 'Banned'

Last year, a few political parties in Gujarat forced a ban on Kunal Kohli's Fanaa. The film was targeted because its lead actor, Aamir Khan, endorsed the rights of people who were displaced by the Narmada project.

Transfer Pricing Regulations Should Be Sensitive To Business Dynamics

With the quantum and type of international transactions increasing, there would be greater focus on transfer pricing, not only amongst corporates, but within the tax department as well.

'Quake Risks Can Now Be Quantified'

RMSI, India’s leading geospatial data and software services company, has partnered with the US-based Risk Management Solutions (RMS) for creating catastrophic risk assessment models for the insurance industry.

"In India As In Italy, Democracy Is A Difficult Exercise"

Italy's Prime MinisterRomano Prodispeaks on ties with India, his country's engagement in Afghanistan and Lebanon, his difficult coalition, the thorny matter of extraordinary renditions, and the way forward for Europe. Excerpts from an interview in . . .

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