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                                                                                                                   From, December 30, 2006 to January 06, 2007 

Q&a: A Diverse Diaspora, But Facing Common Tasks

Judith M Brown teaches history at Oxford University. Two of her books, Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope, and Nehru: A Political Life, have been widely acclaimed.

'Thorium To Give India An Edge'

Thorium Power is a privately-held, Washington DC-based company funded primarily through private equity investments.

`India Must Adopt Ifrs Right Away'

Indian accounting standards are fairly closely aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards. So the switch to IFRS will be fairly easy. The potential benefits for us are immense. Brinda Karat

Interview with Brinda Karat, CPI(M) leader and Member of the Rajya Sabha.

"Facilitate Aircraft Funding Within The Country Competitively"

Classifying the airline industry as `infrastructure' and making it qualify for priority lending by nationalised banks will contribute to the bottom-line.

Prakash Singh Badal

Interview with Shiromani Akali Dal chief Prakash Singh Badal.

SBI For Bigger Market Pie With Better Profitability

`We are trying to unlock SBI's brand equity. I want people to see SBI as it is, but with value.'

‘There Is A Great Need For Education To Be An Equaliser. We Don’T Have Any Time’

Anthony Marx, youngest president of America’s Amherst college, established in 1821, takes his job very seriously.

For The Future

Interview with Sukhbir Singh.

Chief Minister Manik Sarkar

Interview with Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

"The Judicial System Depends On The Faith Of The Common Man"

K.G. Balakrishnanwill take over as the 37th Chief Justice of India on January 14. In an interview, he outlines his priorities to streamline the justice delivery system. Excerpts:

The ‘One-Nation One-Theatre’ Policy Should Go

It’s highly regrettable that country’s only national school of drama has become a breeding- and training-ground for commercial entertainment.  

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