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Friday, November 02, 2007


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From October 27, 2007  to November 02, 2007

Saudi King’S Visit Starts On A Sour Note

Human rights, arms trade protesters line up the route, raise slogans

Hu's China - Vii

One lesson which India learnt from its experience of dealing with China before the Sino-Indian war of

1962 was the folly of treating Chinese transgressions as unintended. And there have been two


Saudi King Raps U.K. On Terrorism

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Monday accused Britain of failing to act on intelligence supplied by

his government that may have averted the July 7 London bombings in which at least 52 persons were

killed and hundreds injured.

Muslim Problem Is About Justice

The day we realise that our Muslim problem is not about secularism and communalism but about

justice we will come closer to dealing with it. But, as we saw from reactions to Tehelka’s sting

operation, we are still a long way from understanding . . . .

Royal Member, Victim Of Blackmail

The police were on Sunday investigating allegations that a member of the royal family was the victim

of a sex-and-drugs blackmail plot.

Be Practical On Burma

In stormy street protests in 1988 all across Burma that brought down the one-party Socialist regime

of Gen Ne Win, over 3,000 people perished when the Army opened fire on peaceful demonstrators.

Gujarat Has Outgrown Riot

A decade ago, during President Clinton's embarrassment over his relationship with Monica Lewinsky,

the White House spin doctors excelled themselves.

How The Kashmir Crisis Began

It's 60 years exactly since one of the world's most enduring conflict zones, the Kashmir valley, first

erupted in violence. The BBC's former Delhi correspondent, Andrew Whitehead, looks back on how the

Kashmir crisis started.

Hu's China - Iii

In a despatch on October 21, 2007, the state-owned Hsinhua news agency of China reported as


And Now It's Maulana Fm Radio's Turn

The tribal anger against President General Pervez Musharraf, which was already running high after the

Pakistan Army's commando raid into the Lal Masjid in Islamabad from July 10 to 13, 2007, has further

escalated in the wake of the air strikes . . . .

Britain At Sixes And Sevens Over Eu Treaty

The debate on the EU Reform Treaty in Parliament is expected to be very stormy. But the agonising

debate on Europe will not end until Britain is able to shed the historical baggage that fuels so much of

the Euro-scepticism in the country.

When Blair Felt Like A “Bullied Wife” Out Of London

A new book reveals that tensions between the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown camps were far more

serious than Downing Street watchers suspected.

Taliban Must Be Checked: Brown

Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday voiced Britain’s frustration over its allies’ lack of enthusiasm

in meeting their military commitment to Afghanistan.   



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