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Friday, October 12, 2007


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From October 06, 2007  to October 12, 2007

Oppression In Pakistan

The stately building of the Supreme Court stands on the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.

Myanmar Envoy Quits Over Suppression

A diplomat at the Myanmar Embassy in London has resigned in protest over the violent suppression of pro-democracy protests, the British Broadcasting Corp.

'China May Have Intruded Into Bhutan Territory'

China may have intruded into Bhutanese territory in the recent past and Delhi is in the process of ascertaining the factual position with Thimphu and Beijing.

Jihad Council Truce Fails To Move Delhi

Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir are unlikely to suspend operations against terror groups despite the dramatic announcement of a three-day unilateral ceasefire by Pakistan-based terror groups, Union Home Ministry officials have said.

Behind The Hizb Ul-Mujahideen’s Ceasefire

The head of Kashmir’s numerically strongest terror group knows his organisation has its back to the wall.

The Bangalore Reality Check

The squalour of India always shocks me for the first few days after returning from some foreign land but this time, because Bangalore was the first Indian city I visited, the shock sent me reeling.

Let's Get This Straight

A lot of discussion takes place on the need to pursue an independent foreign policy.

Brown Calls Off Plans For Snap Elections

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was on Sunday forced to call off reported plans for a snap election next month after a slew of opinion polls and private polling by Labour Party indicated a slump in the party’s lead with the Tories, for the . . . .

Merit? What’s That? Class Still Rules Britain

Figures show that social mobility in Britain has declined over the past decade and is behind other advanced nations.

Autumn In Washington

With the approach of winter, one of the most enthralling experiences of being in Washington DC in September is the staggering beauty of the golden-red leaves shining in the morning sun before, to quote American crooner Nat King Cole . . . .

Failure, Raw & Hurting

All Intelligence agencies are paranoid about secrecy. Retired spooks are actively discouraged from writing colourful memoirs and speaking to the media.

Judiciary Should Understand Media’s Dilemma

By now former Chief Justice of India Y.K. Sabharwal should have himself requested the government for a CBI inquiry into the two allegations against him:

Conduct Of Judges

The Indian judiciary was till recently at war with Parliament on who was supreme. The confrontation is far from over.

Face To Face With The Holy Cobras

During the Hindu festival of the snake god, farmers capture cobras from their fields and let villagers shower them with offerings. They believe it will bring good fortune for next year.

All Oppressors Are The Same

The stately building of the Supreme Court stands on Constitution Avenue in Islamabad.

Autumn Leaves In Washington

With India moving into election mode, the focus is naturally on coalition compulsions and deflecting attention from the messy handling of the Ram Sethu issue.

Road To Yangon

India is unable to wed economic self-interest to strategic vision.

Why Nobody Wants To Buy Booker Books This Year

After 38 years, the novelty is starting to wear off and the bad news is that the market has stopped responding.

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