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Friday, September 21, 2007


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From September 15, 2007  to September 21, 2007

Military Rule In Neighbourhood

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries was a cardinal part of Jawaharlal Nehru’s

five principles of peaceful coexistence.

Woman, Son Jailed For “Honour Killing”

Nearly nine years after a young Sikh woman mysteriously disappeared while on a visit to India, her

husband and mother-in-law were on Wednesday jailed for life for arranging her murder after it

emerged that she was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

Military Rule And Democracy — How New Delhi Should React To Neighbourhood Regimes

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries was a cardinal principle of Jawaharlal Nehru’s

five principles of peaceful coexistence.

Party Charter To Incorporate Hu Concept

In a move that signals Chinese President Hu Jintao’s ongoing consolidation of power, state media have

reported that an amendment to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) constitution will be made during a

key Party meeting next month.

Boundary Talks With China Next Week

China and India will hold a fresh round of boundary negotiations between September 24 and 26.

The Pashtuni Rage

Suicide terrorism is nothing new in South Asia. The Sri Lankan Tamils belonging to the Liberation

Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Punjabi Muslims belonging to the anti-Shia extremist

organisations of Pakistan such as the Sipah-e-Sahaba . . .

Pak Soldiers Turn To Jihad

According to reliable sources in the local police, a Pashtun Army officer belonging to the elite Special

Services Group (SSG), whose younger sister was reportedly among the 300 girls killed during the

Pakistan Army's commando raid . . . . .

Immigrant Numbers Projected To Grow In U.K. Cities

Britain’s racial profile is changing so rapidly as a result of the growing immigrant population that in

many cities native white Britons are likely to be reduced to a minority over the next 30 years,

according to new research.

A Replay Of The U.S. Sub-Prime Upheaval Out Of London

The near-collapse of Northern Rock, Britain’s eighth largest bank, represents the worst economic crisis

for the Labour Party since it came to power ten years ago.

123 Questions Won’T Go Away — A Rejoinder

The terms of civil nuclear cooperation with India have been unequivocally defined by the Hyde Act, a

41-page anthology of conditions. No other 123 agreement is governed by such a country-specific law.

A Bridge Too Far

If you viewed as I did last week the hysterics over Ram’s bridge from the perspective of a remote

island in the Atlantic that has better airports and roads than India, it is not just disheartening but


New Policy Is Foreign

I have full faith in the integrity of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. His views on the Indo-US nuclear

deal reflect what he believes.

Where Lynching Is The Order Of The Day

Vigilante justice appears to have become the order of the day in the lawless northern Indian state of


Al-Qaeda Has Grown Stronger, Says Study By British Security Expert

United States President George W. Bush’s much-trumpeted “war” on terror has failed to weaken Al-

quieda which remains as strong as it was six years ago when he set out to “destroy” it in the wake of

the 9/11 attacks.

Questions Raised By The 123 Agreement

The UPA-Left committee’s task can help shine a spotlight on troubling questions that suggest Indian

diplomacy lost out in the 123 negotiations with the U.S.


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