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Friday, September 14, 2007


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From September 08, 2007  to September 14, 2007

It-Enabled Darshan

Information Technology is one important tool that the TTD has wielded to provide a hassle-free “darshan” to its ever-expanding pilgrim population.

Development Surge

The beginning of the 21st century has opened a new chapter in the history of Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams with the administration focussing on various developmental activities to augment amenities for pilgrims.

Plugging Into The Sun

The Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams, the richest temple administration next only to the Vatican, is perhaps the first of its kind to wake up to the bleak reality of dwindling energy resources and take concrete action to preserve and protect the. . .

'Fully Motivated'

TTD’s Executive Officer, K.V. Ramanachari said that the TTD administration was geared up to implement all the epoch-making programmes formulated by the TTD Trust Board.

Social Commitment

The Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has, of late, been focussing on socially relevant programmes.

Benign Benefactor

The Venkateswara temple, situated at Tirumala at an altitude of about 950 metres, has a unique history and position in the Hindu tradition.

India's Response Post-9-11

Unlike in the US, the lack of citizen and victim activism continues to be the bane of India's counter-terrorism scene.

Slowly But Surely

On September 11, 2007, the international community completes six years of the so-called war on global terrorism being waged separately and jointly by the countries of the world affected by the scourge of terrorism.

Thus Far And No Further

That is the message that Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf has sought to convey to Pakistan's Supreme Court and its independent Chief Justice Iftikar Mohammad Chaudhry by his action of September 10, 2007, in arresting and . . ..

Roots In History

The politics of jehad in Hyderabad goes back to 1948 when the princely state resisted accession to the Indian Union.

Green Pioneer Dead

Anita Roddick, who championed green and ethical causes long before they became fashionable and founded the Body Shop, one of the world’s most famous stores for animal-free beauty products, died on Monday at the age of 64 after suffering brain haemorrhage.

Our Achilles Heel

A friend of mine, who hikes frequently in the Himalayas, showed me a solar torch the other day which gives light for seven hours before you need to recharge it in the sun.

Six Years After 9-11 Shook Americans

On September 11, 2007, the international community completes six years of the so-called war on global terrorism being waged separately and jointly by the countries of the world affected by the scourge of terrorism.

Brown Calms Fears Over Loss Of Jobs To India

Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday sought to calm fears over loss of British jobs to India and China telling workers not to panic and assuring them that the government was behind them.

Wool Pulled Over India’s Eyes

There would have been no political uproar over the nuclear deal had the Prime Minister taken on board all important stakeholders on an issue centred on the future of India’s most-prized strategic asset — its nuclear programme.

India, Pak Can Be Friends

I have been struck by the overwhelming desire of Pakistanis to bury the hatchet with India, to let bygones be bygones and open a new chapter in friendly relations.

N-Deal: Exaggerated Us Fear

In the course of the debate on the 123 Agreement, intended to lead to lifting of nuclear technology denial by the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group, two sets of objections have been expressed in respect of the Indo-US nuclear deal.

‘Anti-Americanism Hasn’t Affected Our Business. But As An American, I’D Rather That People Respect The Principles And Ideals We Represent’

If you open your PC or laptop, chances are you will find my guest’s fingerprints all over it.

It’s Time To Take Sides

Only a country that has been Third World and second rate for as long as India has could be frightened by a naval exercise.

Russia Rises Under Putin

In a televised address on July 17, Russia's President Vladimir Putin proclaimed: "There are forces both in Russia and the US that abide by 20th century thinking, rather than the 21st century, those who love and feed on ideas of the past competition.

Media's Fake Encounters

Just before he opted out of journalism for something more rewarding, a promising crime reporter gave me an insight into the rotten underbelly of the Fourth Estate.

No English, No Entry Into U.K.

Thousands of prospective Indian immigrants will be affected by the British government’s plans to make it compulsory for skilled migrants from outside the European Union to be able to speak, write and understand English before they are allowed to . . . .

A Nation Still At Crossroads

GIVE me a new cliché to describe the situation in Pakistan. The old one that “the country is at the crossroads” has worn out.

A Passage To Pakistan With Media In Tow

When the former Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, returns to Islamabad on Monday (“Inshallah,” as he put it, making allowances for any last-minute hitch), he will be accompanied by a planeload of London-based foreign journalists . . . .

Indian, Pakistani In Booker Race

For the first time, the race for Britain’s £50,000 Man Booker prize has an Indian and a Pakistani novelist pitted against each other, though the chances of either of them winning it are rated extremely low.

Salwa Judum & International Humanitarian Law

India may not be a party to the Geneva Convention Additional Protocols but it has a legal obligation to protect civilians caught in the cross-fire between the Maoists and state-sponsored vigilantes in Chhattisgarh.

World Wants Iraq Occupation To End

Indians prove to be the exception.

General Resentment

Musharraf's position, already weakened by his confrontation with the judiciary, is likely to be further weakened by the tribal anger against him and create misgivings in the Army that he is becoming a liability to the Army as an institution.

Past The Tokyo Trials

The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, is looked upon with utmost suspicion by China and both Koreas for his attempts to put an end to the one-sided “Tokyo Trials” view of history.

An Inheritance Of Hatred And Unrest

In Hyderabad, communalism and Islamist terrorism are locked in a deadly embrace.

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