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Friday, August  31, 2007


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From August 18, 2007  to August 31, 2007

A Tribute To All Who Fought Apartheid: Mandela

Whoops of joy reverberated across Parliament Square here on Wednesday morning when Prime Minister Gordon Brown unveiled a statue of Nelson Mandela as a tribute to one of the world’s most famous living symbols of freedom.

Concern Over Civilian Explosives Stockpile

Poor control over production and use of ammonium nitrate facilitating terrorism: experts Explosives black market flourishing Production facilities have proliferated . . . .

N-Deal Must Be Debated

As finance minister during 1991-95, Manmohan Singh drastically slashed funding to the nuclear power programme, disabling new projects and halting uranium exploration.

Stellar Hopes Of Indian Reality Show Student

Eighteen-year-old Arvind Aradhya from the Indian city of Bangalore has stars in his eyes these days.

Our Tryst With Secularism

One feels stumped when one finds that Muslim fundamentalists are taking a leaf out of the BJP book of hatred and hostility.

Don't Get Fooled By China

There is a lot of talk of India getting closer to US if it goes ahead with the nuclear agreement and becoming a subordinate ally of Washington. But in reality the reverse is true.

‘Intelligence Warning On Terror Plot Failed To Spark Police Action’

Andhra Pradesh Director-General of Police M.A. Basith and Hyderabad Police Commissioner Balwinder Singh received warnings of an imminent terror strike just five days before Saturday’s blasts, sources in the Union Ministry of Home Affairs have told . . . .

Sino-Indian Trade: Growing Concern

A ballooning trade deficit with China means that grey clouds are threatening to mar the sunshine that India-China trade has been spreading in its wake thus far.

Bjp, Seek Don’t Hyde

On Sunday L.K. Advani took a decisive first step in restoring the electability of the BJP and, for that matter, the NDA.

Pakistan’s Islamist Press Calls For Jihad

Fresh demands for violence against India escalated weeks before Hyderabad bombings “Musharraf’s regime should discard the pro-U.S. policy” “Make jihad, martyrdom part of the curriculum”

Karat’s Boomerang

All actions have unintended consequences. CPM leader Prakash Karat’s main objective in threatening to pull down the Manmohan Singh government on the nuclear issue was to break the gathering momentum behind the Indo-US partnership.

Brown Honeymoon Losing Lustre?

The prospects of a snap general election in October receded on Monday after a poll showed that Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s “honeymoon” with the voters had started to fade a bit.

Benazir-Musharraf Pact

Begum Benazir Bhutto’s one statement is that she has reached an “understanding” with President General Pervez Musharraf. Another is that she expects him to shed his uniform.

U.K. To Ignore U.S. Pressure

Britain intends to go ahead with its plans to draw down its remaining troops in Iraq despite American pressure on it to stay on until the situation on the ground improves.

'Mayawati Is A Strong Administrator, And Her Return As Cm With A Majority Is What Uttar Pradesh Needed'

Today's guest is somebody who tries very hard to stay out of headlines. But there are millions of rumours about him.

Intelligence Had Warned Of Strikes

India’s Intelligence services learned over five months ago that an eight-kg consignment of military-grade explosives had been delivered to a Harkat ul-Jihadi-e-Islami terror cell preparing for strikes in Hyderabad.

Faulting 123 For Nothing

Some sections of our political establishment, especially those who were in power till May 2004, have come out with a lot of objections to 123 deal based on their deep suspicions of US motivations derived from the history of first five decades of . . . . .

Left Angry Over Nuclear Deal

I wish the Left had made national development, not the Indo-US nuclear deal, an issue for parting ways with the ruling Congress.

Deal Will End Our Isolation

Never in independent India's history has a foreign policy issue been so hotly and comprehensively debated as the July 2005 India-US civil nuclear Agreement that seeks to end, not just American, but global nuclear sanctions against India.

Deal With The Us

Never in independent India's history has a foreign policy issue been so heatedly and comprehensively debated as the July 2005 Indo-US Agreement that seeks to end not just American but also global nuclear sanctions against India.

Abe’s Japan Rediscovers Bengal

It is not often that visiting foreign leaders choose to stop by Kolkata. They would rather head to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad.

Japan Seeks Wider Defence Network

Trade, bilateral relations and other economic issues will figure prominently in Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to India.

Sex Education Runs Into Trouble
The Indian government's recent attempt to introduce sex education for school children has provoked a vigorous debate.

Facts And Fiction On The Nuclear Deal

Nuclear sanctions will end only after India concludes a safeguards agreement with the IAEA, the NSG ends global sanctions on India and the US Congress approves the “123 Agreement”.

Looking Beyond Ballot-Box Democracy

The question whether it makes sense to insist on a one-size-fits-all model has become one of the most hotly debated issues in the wake of attempts to impose the Westminster model on other countries.

U.K. Rejects Sadr Claim

British Army on Tuesday reacted with anger to claims that it had been “defeated” in Basra and was being forced to “retreat” because of the growing resistance from militant Iraqi groups.

Men Of Straw

During the discussion on the Act that gave India independence, Winston Churchill said, "Power will go into hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. Not a bottle of water, not a loaf of bread shall escape taxation.

The Manchurian Candidates

The current opposition of the Left to the Indo-US nuclear deal and to India’s developing strategic relations with the US takes one’s mind back to the days before the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India in November last year.

Two Pms, One Problem: China

The visiting Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and his host, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, find their carefully planned party this week to celebrate the world’s newest strategic partnership ruined by their domestic political opponents.

'China's Interest Is Our Interest'

The current opposition of the leftist parties--particularly, the Communist Party of India (Marxist)--to the agreement (the so-called 123 agreement) with the US on civil nuclear co-operation and to India's developing strategic relations . . . . .

China Denies Reports Of Nuclear Deal With Pakistan

China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday denied reports that Beijing and Islamabad were in the process of negotiating a civilian nuclear energy agreement along the lines of the Indo-U.S. deal.

“Delay In Safeguards Talks Will Not Affect Nuclear Deal”

There is no deadline for the conclusion of a safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and any delay in negotiations caused by differences between the United Progressive Alliance and the Left parties will . . . .

Let's Believe In Ourselves

The Left Front leaders and a few others have expressed their concerns about India concluding the nuclear agreement and moving closer to the US.

Calculators Are Out But Topplers Have Got Their Timing Hopelessly Wrong

The jury is still out on whether the UPA Government will survive the current crisis, or, even if it does, how battered it will emerge from it.

Deal Breather, Not Deal Breaker

Saturday’s statement by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal is as unyielding as the Left parties’ earlier stand but the recommendation that the Government not proceed “till all the objections are considered” opens . . . .

Trade Ties That Bind

During his visit to Pakistan in December,1996, Mr Jiang Zemin, the then Chinese President, made a speech titled Carrying forward generations of friendly and good neighbourly relations and endeavouring towards a better tomorrow for all in . . . . .

India's Silent Warriors

Secrecy and intelligence agencies are synonymous. Very rarely does the general public get a peek into the shadowy world of spooks and their death-defying deeds shrouded behind the iron curtain of state secrets.

Tension In U.K.-U.S. Ties

Britain’s much- flaunted “special relationship” with the U.S. has come under strain over British plans to pull out most of its troops from Iraq by the end of next year even as Americans are sending in more forces and are keen for their . . . .

Travellers Face Heathrow Disruption

A bumpy landing awaits travellers arriving at Heathrow airport over the next few days as a week-long protest by climate-change campaigners against air travel picks up momentum.

Secularism Has A Long Way To Go

IT is a straight question which should have been addressed long ago.

Indian Secularism Has A Long Way To Go

It is a straight question which should have been addressed long ago.

One Million Cars Go Off Beijing Roads

Unique experiment to tackle traffic congestion and pollution for Olympic Games Cars to ply on alternate days Air quality to be monitored during experiment.

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