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Friday, July 27, 2007


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From July 21, 2007  to July 27, 2007

Debate On Saving China's Tigers

Should China revoke ban on domestic tiger trade to increase the number of tigers in the wild? Conservationists are divided.

‘123 Fulfils Prime Minister’s Assurances’

The draft nuclear cooperation agreement negotiated last week by India and the United States fulfils all the assurances Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave Parliament in August 2006, senior officials told The Hindu on Monday.

China’s Experiment With Village Elections

Are they simply a limited experiment aimed at ensuring better compliance with central government directives in the potentially restive countryside or do they hold within them the seeds of genuine political change across the system?

Bruised But Not Beaten

Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, a diehard critic of Pervez Musharraf, has been reinstated as Pakistan's Chief Justice.

Vehicles Of Terror

Who poses a greater threat to British "values" and its way of life? That semi-literate neighborhood foreign "imam" with his regressive world view? Or those urbane and well-heeled foreign professionals next door?

How Will Beijing Bring Home The Bacon?

It may be the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac but the animal is not having much luck in China.

‘U.S. Knew India Had No Flexibility’

India and the United States were able to finalise the text of their nuclear cooperation agreement — also known as the 123 agreement — largely because Washington understood that the Indian side had no more flexibility and shifted gear to . . . .

The Indian Connecton

"I take pride," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a June 2005 interview, "in the fact that, although we have 150 million Muslims in our country as citizens, not one has been found to have joined the ranks of al Qaeda or participated in .. . . ..

£1 Million Lost In Money-Transfer Crash

Hundreds of Bangladeshi immigrants, mostly low-paid workers, have lost their precious savings as a high-profile company used by them to transfer money back home has collapsed leaving behind unpaid remittances of nearly £1.7 million affecting some . . . .

Debate On Saving China's Tigers

Should China revoke ban on domestic tiger trade to increase the number of tigers in the wild? Conservationists are divided.

Racism Colours West’s Attitude Towards Muslims

Indian Muslims are surprised but feel gratified over the concern both Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee have shown in the case of Mohammad Haneef who is under detention in Australia.

Let A Million Schools And Colleges Bloom!

This government has eighteen months left in office and it isn’t looking good. Measured by almost any parameter it gets less than five out of ten.

Prime Minister Mayawati, Backed By The Comrades, No Kidding

If somebody compiles a selection of the most hypocritical political statements in our six decades since Independence, the Left’s argument, that the Republic must have a “political” President, but a “non-political” Vice-President, will rank right . . .

The Bangus — Paradise Threatened

Tourism threatens to destroy one of Jammu and Kashmir’s most spectacular regions.

Peerages Row “Politically Motivated”

The Scotland Yard officer, who led the failed investigation into the cash-for-honours case, is to be questioned by a committee of MPs amid allegations that the whole affair was politically-motivated and designed to “undermine” trust in the Labour . . . .

Lal Masjid And The New Era

The moral authority of Musharraf to rule is once again being questioned on the streets of Pakistan.

Wooing The New Indian Tourist Out Of London

The ‘India Now’ festival in London is a ploy to get the nouveau-richeIndian tourist into Britain somehow.

The Deafening Sounds Of Silence

We have been observing a disquieting silence--whether it be in Afghanistan or Iraq or Somalia or Myanmar.

Six-Party Talks Extended By A Day

The Six-party talks on the North Korean nuclear issue were extended by a day as negotiators worked towards reaching a consensus on the deadline for the implementation of the next phase of the denuclearisation process.

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