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Friday, July 13, 2007


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From July 07, 2007  to July 13, 2007

China Executes Top Drug Official

Official convicted of condoning malpractice Crackdown on drug, food safety violators.

Flawed British Policies May Have Facilitated Glasgow Bombing

Concern mounts over U.K.’s possible failure to pass on information May have left Bangalore vulnerable to terrorist strike Indian authorities could have kept Ahmed under surveillance.

Congress, Bjp Devalue Office Of President

Mudslinging surrounding the highest office of the country is, no doubt, unfortunate. But it is more than that.

An Untidy Operation

While Ghazi has himself been killed along with over 40 of his male supporters in the Lal Masjid, Musharraf understands the criticality of the number of casualties suffered by the girl students of the madrasa in determining the backlash against him.

Three Found Guilty Of 7-21 London Plot

Three men of African origin were on Monday found guilty of conspiring to launch a bomb attack on London’s transport system on July 21, 2005 — two weeks after the devastating bombings on the Underground which killed 52 persons.

Chongqing, China's Middle City

Rising from the hills that line the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialiang rivers in southwest China is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world.

Victims Of Errorism

Any proud and self-respecting Indian would share the prime minister’s anguish and loss of sleep over the arrest of some Indian Muslims for suspected Al-Qaeda links.

Workers’ Paradise?

The recent discovery of extensive slave labour practices in the brick kilns of China’s industrial heartland has only confirmed what has been widely known, that the Chinese economic miracle has had a lot to do with keeping labour costs low and a . ..

Iraqi Al-Qaeda In Terror Plot?

Suspect contacted Iraqi leaders Term “war on terror” criticised.

Getting Your Money Back

Secured debentures of the non-convertible variety were the rage in the mid-1980s, but their glamour ended on their maturity when it became obvious that there was nothing secured about them.

Shield Shcil, Not Its Defrauders 11.06.07

In 1992, when the National Housing Bank’s (NHB’s) deep involvement with Harshad Mehta became public, the government used all its powers to ensure that NHB, a subsidiary of the RBI, was protected and not wound up.

Doctors' Jihad

The Indian doctor Mohammad Haneef has been detained by the Brisbane Police because he had bought a SIM card which was recovered from the Jordanian national projected as the mastermind of the terrorist incidents in London and Glasgow Updates.

‘Cambridge Connection’ To The U.K. Terror Plot

Bilal Abdulla, Kafeel Ahmed were close friends Attack might have been act of revenge by Dr. Abdulla

A Wake Up Call

Instead of continuing to be in a denial mode that Al Qaeda as an organisation or its ideology cannot make an impact on the mind of the Indian Muslims, it is time for a well-thought out strategy to counter the strains of wahabism.

The Jundullah In Uk?

There is as yet no evidence connecting the two unsuccessful terrorist attempts in London on June 28/29, 2007, and the half-successful attempt at the Glasgow airport on June 30, 2007, with the central command and control of Al Qaeda located in the . . . .

Medicos Behind Blasts?

Two Indians among eight doctors held in Britain and Australia in connection with last week's failed terror attack in the UK as the hunt for conspirators intensifies across the globe.

How China Forced Musharraf To Move

The crackdown against Lal Masjid comes soon after the livid Chinese ran the riot act to Musharraf, otherwise there were just too many people "inside" the establishment who wanted the clerics to win the "battle of pieties".

Home Beckons

For most of the afternoon, soldiers at the Nanak Post at Uri in Baramulla district had stared out through the mist at four brightly coloured specks winding their way towards the Line of Control (LoC).

Glasgow Bomber Was Bangalore Resident

Investigators in the United Kingdom have confirmed that the driver of the vehicle used to hit the Glasgow airport on Saturday was Bangalore resident Kafeel Ahmed.

Foreign Doctors To Pay For “Bad Apples” Out Of London

Despite occasional complaints of racial discrimination and the continuing row over new immigration rules, which discriminate against doctors from outside the European Union, overseas doctors have had a relatively smooth time compared to other immigrants.

Non-Alignment, Anyone?

Condoleezza Rice sees ideological spectres where none exist. Non-alignment does not stand in the way of US-India cooperation today.

Knight In Need Of A Armour

Three is a sense of déjà vu about the latest round of anti-Rushdie protests, described by one British commentator as a show of "Islamist anger".

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