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Friday, June 08, 2007


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From June 02, 2007  to June 08, 2007

Tackling Terror

While there is obviously a need for a re-think on strategy in the campaign against terror, the example thus far set by the Muslims of India needs to be emulated by the Muslims in the rest of the world for it to be effective.

JKLF For Kashmiris' Involvement In Peace Process

The U.K.-based Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has called for "genuine representatives" of Kashmiris to be involved in the India-Pakistan peace process, saying New Delhi and Islamabad have "no right" to decide the future of the . . . .

`Manmohan Sent Strong Message Through Burns'

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh used the "courtesy call" Washington's top nuclear negotiator made on him on Saturday night to convey to the United States "in the clearest manner possible" that the nuclear deal would not be acceptable to either . . . . .

Princes Protest Documentary On Diana

The controversy over Channel 4's plans to show a documentary containing images of the dying moments of Princess Diana escalated on Tuesday after Princes William and Harry made a public protest, saying that it would be a "gross disrespect'' to . . . .

Getting Your Money Back

Secured debentures of the non-convertible variety were the rage in the mid-1980s, but their glamour ended on their maturity when it became obvious that there was nothing secured about them.

Facing Realities

The prevailing confusion in our Sri Lankan policy is due to the inability of the policy-makers in New Delhi to work out a policy mix, which would satisfactorily address fundamental questions.

China Unveils Action Plan To Address Climate Change

China on Monday released its first national strategy to combat global warming, promising to make strong efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but reiterated its belief that the main onus of tackling climate change rests with the developed world.

Pla In Shangri La

After years of refusing to join the annual Shangri La dialogue on Asia Pacific security in Singapore, China made an impressive political debut this year.

Secretive Pm, Suspect Deals

India's foreign policy in the years following the Soviet Union's collapse was skilfully crafted by the PV Narasimha Rao Government.

Incredible Or Irretrievable India?

It may well be a case of crying "Wolf" prematurely but events over the past fortnight prompt the conclusion that the curtain is coming down rapidly on the Incredible India story.

If Husain Abets Hatred, Those Supporting Him Do What?

See the photos of the paintings appearing in the frame alongside. Those on the right side of the frame demonstrate how M F Husain revers the Hindu Gods and Goddesses through his art.

A Lingering Border Dispute

States spoil their case when they overstate it. China has done so by refusing visa to an Indian Administrative Service officer from Arunachal Pradesh, Indiaís northeastern state.

Politics, Religion, And Resistance

Unravelling the clerical crusade against heresy, and the politics of the Sacha Sauda controversy.

British Pullout From Iraq On The Cards?

A time-table for an early withdrawal of British troops from Iraq is reported to be under discussion ahead of a change of guard at Downing Street later this month.

Religion, Politics Make A Lethal Mix In Punjab

I do not understand why whenever there is trouble in Punjab some elements get together in London or some other place to raise the demand for Khalistan.

An Online Shopping Drive Isnít That Smooth After All

For many of us, the world is divided into two kinds of people ó those who spend a lot of their time in cyberspace and conduct many of their personal transactions on the Net and those who donít.

Forget The G8, It's Time For A Brics Summit

Instead of waiting like supplicants outside the portals of the G8, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa should realise a summit of their own would transform the world order more effectively than membership in a club of last century's powers.

Myth And Reality Of Ethanol And Biofuels

Biofuel from sugarcane may have worked well for Brazil so far but the attempt to expand or replicate the model, especially using corn and other grains, will endanger the planet's food security and take a huge toll on the environment too.

Nuclear Talks To Enter Third Day

India looking at August deadline for agreement ``Several issues are being sorted out one by one, hopefully'' India not for undue haste in concluding agreement.

Nuclear Talks Begin

India and the United States held one round of technical discussions on Thursday afternoon on their draft nuclear cooperation agreement but have yet to begin the hard grind towards resolving their differences on the major issues separating them.

Putting People's Health Before Company Profits

Brazil's AIDS control programme will save $30 million every year by breaking Merck's patent on Efavirenz.

Shutting Their Doors

At a small gathering earlier this week, where the conversation centred on the Uttar Pradesh election results, the Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi, recalled an incident from 1969.

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