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Friday, May 25, 2007


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From May 19, 2007  to May 25, 2007

A New Role For The Adb
The Asian Development Bank should focus on how best it can reduce poverty.

Pakistan Asserts New Claims On Kashmir's Northern Areas
Its envoy to Brussels lays foundation for a diplomatic furore Claims mark a break with decades of established foreign policy New claims fly in the face of Pakistan's own judicial position . . . . .

Citizen Jihadi
It's not traditional pan-Islamic jihadi organisations, but word of mouth and hundreds of FM radio stations that are instigating individual Muslims to acts of terrorism in the name of jihad in the tribal areas of Afghanistan-Pakistan.

U.K. For Extradition Of Former Kgb Man For Litvinenko Murder

Britain wants Russia to extradite a former KGB agent Andrei Lugovoi in connection with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, also a former Russian spy, who died in a London hospital last November after being mysteriously infected with polonium-210, a . . .

Behind The Mecca Masjid Bombing

Communal violence, organised crime, and the global jihad intersect in Andhra Pradesh's capital.

The Drive To Dhaka — Whose Idea Was It?

The still-classified official history of the 1971 war sheds new light on the Manekshaw-Jacob debate.

Demoralisation And Depression Creeps Into Upa

It is not that the budget session was curtailed because of the UP assembly election. The fact, it appeared, is that the government did not have enough agenda to run the session.

China Acts Big, India Small

which has allowed a section of the bureaucracy to paralyse the historic nuclear negotiations with the US, should pay attention to the Sino-US strategic economic dialogue beginning this Tuesday in Washington.

Brown Heckled Over Iraq

Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Minister-in-waiting, had his first taste of public anger over Iraq when he was heckled at a Labour Party meeting on Sunday, forcing him to admit that it had been a very "divisive and difficult issue.''

J.J. Singh Visits China

Gen. Singh expected to discuss joint military exercises, experience sharing Expected to discuss the modalities of future joint military exercises Welcomed by Chinese counterpart, inspects tri-service guard of honour.

The Mobile Blast Trigger

So it seems that the Hyderabad blasts were triggered off by a mobile telephone, but thankfully only one of the three planted IEDs exploded. What gives?

Cong, Bjp Both At Fault

It should be a matter of utmost reassurance to Uttar Pradesh that the mother and son duo which owns the Congress merely blamed the party organisation for failing to translate the apparent goodwill and enthusiasm for the family into votes and seats.

Needed: A Lok Sabha Prime Minister

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s election to the Rajya Sabha was never in doubt. I do not know why he sought an entry into Parliament through the backdoor.

Are Puri, Sringeri, Dwaraka And Badri Acharyas Anti-National, Dr Mk?

"Sethu critics anti-national, says MK." This is how a newspaper front-paged Dr M Karunanidhi's address at a public meeting in Chennai held in defence of the Sethu Samudram Project.

'Best Bet' Now A Lost Bet

The domestic unpopularity of Musharraf now weighs heavily on his image as an unacceptable dictator

A Void On The Right

In a recent interview to Tehelka on his new book on post-Independence Indian politics, Ramachandra Guha mentioned in passing that whereas liberals and the Left play a meaningful role in the country’s intellectual and political . . . .

March Of The Righteous Brigade

Since this column is often wrongly accused of nurturing ill-feelings towards Islam, I use the chance this week to show that I bear equal ill-will towards any religion that tries to occupy the public space.

Shcil Fraud: Probe Team Has Umpteen Questions To Answer

Last week, investigations into the fraud at Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL) took another decisive leap with the appointment of KPMG’s Fraud Detection and Forensics Advisory team to investigate a slew of management decisions that we . . .

Hasina Patel's Curious Arrest And The Media

Newspapers have a responsibility to treat people fairly, especially in the current climate when innocent men and women are routinely picked up by police in the full glare of television cameras and then quietly let off when nobody is looking.

Battles Old And New

WHEN I first met Gohar Ayub, former foreign minister of Pakistan, in 1984 at his residence in Abbottabad, Pakistan, he said that his father General Mohammad Ayub, still in power, told him that he (Ayub) would get a copy of secret defence papers . . . .

Examples Of Realpolitik

Last week two events of significance attracted the attention of the whole country. First, the BSP leader Mayawati organised a multi-caste and multi-community coalition and won the UP elections with an absolute majority.

Blair For World Bank Chief Post?

Is the British Prime Minister Tony Blair likely to end up stepping into the shoes of the outgoing World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz after leaving Downing Street next month?

'Best Bet' Now A Lost Bet

The domestic unpopularity of Musharraf now weighs heavily on his image as an unacceptable dictator

Yesterday Calling Today’s Mrs G

IF there had been live television news in 1978, I would have shown you the visuals from that summer in Punjab, and made you wonder how little things seem to have changed in three decades. But then, angry religious mobs carrying kirpans would . . . .

Blast In Hyderabad

Targeted attack on Muslim civilians outside J&K in other parts of India have been a more recent phenomenon during the last one year -- this is the fourth such since Delhi (April 2006), Malegaon (September 2006), and the blasts in Samjhauta Express . . .

Brown Confirmed Labour Leader

It is now official that Gordon Brown will be the leader of the Labour Party and Britain's next Prime Minister after Tony Blair steps down on June 27.

Big State, Bigger Loss

The victory of the Bahujan Samaj Party in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election has served as an outlet for the pent-up angst of the radical Brahmin intelligentsia. Mayavati’s success in winning a clear majority in a politically fragmented state . . . .

"A Gone Man", Says Sharif

The former Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has said that President Pervez Musharraf is "a gone man now'' and his fall is "simply a matter of time''.  

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