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Friday, May 18, 2007


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From May 12, 2007  to May 18, 2007

123 As Countdown To Ctbt By The Backdoor

No matter how it is cushioned or phrased, the U.S. insistence on a "right to require the return" of exported material if India conducts a nuclear test will convert India's voluntary moratorium into a bilateral, and eventually multilateral, . . .

Prince Harry Not To Go To Iraq

`A number of threats relating directly to the Prince discovered' Prince indeed "very disappointed" Direct threats by militants to "kidnap"

Everest Record Broken By History-Making Team

Team puts spotlight on Sherpas' role in mountaineering, Apa Sherpa making it for 17th time Six other members of the team also scale summit Nepali guides paid lesser than western team leaders.

7-7: Indian Immigrants Freed

Hasina's arrest two years after bombings was "outrage"

Rising Tensions In Sri Lanka

While India and the international community have an abiding interest in the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, they equally have a responsibility to encourage Sri Lanka to seek abiding political solutions to the ethnic conflict.

Co-Opting 'Manuwadis'

She does not care for the media," lament media-persons. As always, after winning an absolute majority in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, BSP leader Mayawati did not answer calls from TV channels for an interview.

Angry Exchanges At Diana's Inquest Hearing

A preliminary hearing on Tuesday for the inquest into the death of Princess Diana was marked by angry exchanges as lawyers for Mohammed Al-Fayed, owner of Harrods, complained that they had been denied access to crucial documents which formed . . .

Mohajirs For Mush

Karachi went up in flames on Saturday when MQM cadre clashed with Opposition activists to prevent the sacked Chief Justice from addressing a 'pro-democracy' rally.

Benazirís Short Cut To Power

Pakistan’s former foreign minister Asif Ali and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan were in Delhi a few days ago.

A Temporary Setback

Mullah Dadullah's death is the second major success of the US-led forces against the Neo Taliban leaders.

The Ghosts Of The Past

The MQM would not want a repeat of what happened between 1988 and 1996 since it could weaken and discredit Musharraf.

Rbi Should Make Stricter Norms For Credit Card Issuers

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) responded to mounting complaints from credit card users about harassment through aggressive marketing of credit cards.

Uttar Pradesh, Ready For Takeoff

Mayawati is most adept at managing caste equations. She now has a chance to prove that she can do more than build Ambedkar parks.

Donít Take Me For Granted, Donít Peddle Your Past, Talk Of My Future

The opponents Mayawati has vanquished agree on at least one thing: that she won because she built a rainbow coalition of castes, notably drawing Brahmins and Banias into her fold, besides splitting some of Mulayamís Muslim vote.

Script To Fit The Role

Mayawati is being feted in the national media she has consistently scorned and which has been wary of her.

Signs Of Another Kind Of Line Of Control

Has Pakistan set new limits that the Lashkar-e-Taiba should not cross in its jihad against India?

Emergence Of Mayawati In Up

Sensing the dissatisfaction among the upper castes, Mayawati has heralded the emergence of a new era.

Lady Who Changed Rules Of The Game

The by-now irrelevant section of India which had been brought up to believe that casteism, if not caste itself, was a loathsome legacy, may have squirmed at the spectacle of Mayawati celebrating her famous victory in Uttar Pradesh with a grand show . . .

The Reek Of India

Babubhai Katara will never understand it but there is something a little sad, I find, in my encounters with non-resident Indians.

ModiíS Gujarat Is A Blot On India, But Cong Wonít Move Against Him

The BJP should feel humiliated, if not ashamed, of what has overtaken the government in Gujarat.

Brown Vows Shift In Iraq Emphasis

Gordon Brown, Britain's putative next Prime Minister, on Friday indicated that his Government's domestic and foreign policies would be different in tone and emphasis from those of Tony Blair as he formally threw his hat in the token race to . . . .

Blame The Police, Not The Messenger

By failing to act decisively against the Hindu chauvinist organisations which are targeting Christian priests and missionaries in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and elsewhere, the police are only increasing the likelihood of copycat attacks.

Blair To Step Down On June 27

I did what I thought was right for our country.

Be Prepared For Many Hiccups And Some Frustration: Asad Durrani

The former Inter-Services Intelligence chiefspeaks out on the prospects of the India-Pakistan Joint Counter-Terrorism Mechanism.

The Charade On Iran

In India, as in the United States, it is now a well-established tradition that the debate on the Middle East is more about domestic politics than the regional realities.

Rus Le Bol

The current popular movement against President General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan triggered off by his arbitrary suspension of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhury on March 9,2007, shows no signs of losing steam even two months after it started.

Prime Time Sensations

Whether someone wants to hype a book to jack up its sale or foreign agencies trying their psywar strategies, it is all possible now, unlike the past, because of the fierce competition for viewership among private TV channels.

The Jundullah

This is my second article analysing the British fertiliser bomb case in which the judgement was delivered by a British court on April 30,2007.

London Blasts And After

While London Police and the MI-5 come under renewed criticism, and the trend towards the Pakistanisation of Al Qaeda continues unabated, the counter jihadi terrorism strategy in the UK remains unclear and mired in apportionment of responsibility.  

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