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Friday, May 11, 2007


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From May 05, 2007  to May 11, 2007

Manekshaw's Moves

Captain Gohar Ayub Khan’s revelation (or allegation as many Indians would prefer to call it) about Sam Manekshaw having sold India’s military plans as they existed when he was Director of Military Operations has understandably evoked great outrage . . . .

Wife Of July 7 Bombings Mastermind Arrested

Hasina Patel, widow of Siddique Khan who allegedly masterminded the London bombings of July 7, 2005, was on Wednesday arrested with three others on suspicion of commissioning, preparing or instigating acts of terrorism.

How They Slipped Through The Net

There are allegations that a year before the July 7 attacks, MI5 had at least two of the prospective bombers in its sights but did not follow through as it did not think they posed a serious threat.

Right Awaits Its Moment

In a recent interview to Tehelka on his new book on post-Independence Indian politics, Ram Guha mentioned in passing that whereas liberals and the Left play a meaningful role in the country's intellectual and political discourse . . . .

Hard Choices

Banners emblazoned with the Lashkar-e-Taiba's crossed scimitars-and-Quran logo fluttered outside the Bihisht-e-Shauda-e-Kashmir, the Srinagar graveyard where many of those who gave their lives fighting the Indian state these past two decades are buried.

Bits Of Consensus

The working group reports made to the third Round Table Conference on Kashmir contain the seeds of forward movement.

China Battles Internet Addiction

The number of Internet users rose from virtually zero in the 1990s to 137 million by the end of 2006. Of these at least 15 per cent are under the age of 18; and 2.3 million minors could be classified as addicts.

N. Ireland Returns To Self-Rule

Defying sceptics, leaders from the two extreme ends of Northern Ireland's sectarian divide on Tuesday set aside their long history of mutual hostility and joined a power-sharing administration that would, for the first time, see the hardline . . . .

Great Power Tragedies

The bigger your footprint, the greater the risk. China was recently reminded of the many tragedies that come with being a great power when insurgent gunmen in a raid on an oil field in Southern Ethiopia, killed 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese workers.

World Bank's Problem Paul

When Mr Paul Wolfowitz was appointed President of the World Bank, developing countries were dismayed.

Heroes, Not Wimps, Make Nations

A controversy being played out in Britain may offer lessons for India's war on terror.

All In The Family?

From all accounts, the ongoing Assembly poll in India’s largest state is not going to be remembered as a landmark election.

Gods are respectable when BSP, not BJP, revers them!

Hathi nahin, Ganesh hai. Bramha-Vishnu- Mahesh hai.” This slogan reverberates in west, central and east UP as the war cry of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in the ongoing campaign for elections to the State Assembly.

Time For Saarc To Combat Global Warming

The news is that India spent more than Rs 44,000 crores on weapons in the last three years, but not a single paisa on combating global warming. Even the Rs 3,500 crores meant for afforestation have been lying unspent since 2004.

Vain, Insensitive, Pompous

The anti-politician mood that began to build in our country in the wake of the Jain hawala scandal has become one of the most durable phenomena in our public opinion.

Swift Move

Last week, this column warned that an internal committee appointed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to suggest ways to migrate from paper-based fund transfers to electronic transfers had, in a burst of zealousness, recommended creating . . . .

Left In The Past

When I was young and impressionable and growing up in Delhi in the seventies everyone I knew was a leftist of some kind or other.

Pm’s Predicament

Day in and day out Dr Manmohan Singh is charged by various sections of our political establishment, academia and media with subordinating India's foreign policy and security interests to US hegemony.

Many Lost Letters And One Bad Bill

The Indian Post Office (Amendment) Bill 2007 is one of the UPA’s regressive actions that is bound to trigger needless protests before the government pays attention to those who will be worst affected by its actions—the people.

Terror's Latest Recruits

Al Qaeda is determined to repeat 9/11 in the US, but knows it cannot use Arab terrorists for this purpose because of strict security. 

Katara Only A Symptom

When there is good news all around, it is churlish to draw attention to disturbing tit-bits. That, at least, would seem to be the prevailing wisdom in the BJP.

Vain, Insensitive, Pompous

The anti-politician mood that began to build in our country in the wake of the Jain hawala scandal has become one of the most durable phenomena in our public opinion.

Labour Suffers Reverses

As expected, the Labour Party was headed for bruising losses in Thursday's "mini'' general elections with initial results on Friday throwing up heavy reverses for the party, especially in England and Wales.

Dilemma Facing Benazir

I am not surprised at Benazir Bhutto’s inclination for an understanding with President Musharraf.

India Comfortable With Iran Price Offer

Iran keen on clinching agreement $4.93 per mmBtu being seen as realistic price Russian giant Gazprom may be involved in pipeline.

Three Faces Of The Right

For an obsessive election-watcher, May is calculated to be a gripping month. By the afternoon of May 11, the outcome of the interminably long Uttar Pradesh election will be known.

May Day Blasts

What explains the three intriguing timed explosions of very low intensity at the railway stations of Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong in Bangladesh early in the morning of May 1, 2007?

Qualifying Nuclear Test Moratorium May Offer Way Out

`India should not be penalised if others with "advanced nuclear technology" test first' Differences on 123 agreement persist "Right of return" clause a major obstacle.

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