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Friday, April 20, 2007


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From April 14, 2007  to April 20, 2007

Talibanisation Of Islamabad?

Over two decades ago a visiting Indian journalist charmed by the old world splendour of Lahore and the vigour and vitality of the bustling commercial city of Karachi, where I was then India’s Consul-General, described Islamabad as a city of “bureaucrats . . . .

Clerics Raise A Challenge — The Talibanisation Of Islamabad?

From the precincts of a Masjid-Madrassa complex in Islamabad, two clerics are challenging the writ of the quasi-military regime.

Chequebook Journalism And The Hostages

How can the British media lay the entire blame on the Defence Ministry for putting the sailors up for auction?

Kiran Desai Nominated For Orange Prize

Impressive shortlist of six includes novelists from America, China and Nigeria.

China Seeks Market Economy Status

Kamal Nath calls for greater transparency India's trade balance with China turns negative Need to improve market access for farm products.

Leave It For Voters To Decide

The Constituent Assembly witnessed some interesting debates on the reservation of seats in legislatures for minorities.

Lng Supply: Iran Seeks Private Partner In India

In steel, power and aluminium sectors as well Looking at cooperative ventures with Chinese companies Plans to build 600 hotels throughout Iran to promote tourism.

India, China Ask Developed Countries To Relent On Farm Issues

India and China, two of the world's fastest growing economies, issued a joint statement on Monday reiterating their commitment to placing "the development dimension at the heart" of the World Trade OrganiZation's (WTO) ongoing Doha Round of negotiations.

Shaoxing — Little India In China

In 2006, India's trade with the thriving textile city was $145 million.

A Bizarre Turn In The War On Terror

Reports emerge that the United States is funding an Al-Qaeda linked terror group to attack Iran.

Quota: Govt, Sc May Clash

In its application filed before the apex court on Monday, seeking early vacation of the stay, the Centre stated that the March 29 judgment had seemingly challenged the very constitutional order that empowered Parliament to exercise legislative powers.

U.K. On The Brink Of A Major Change?

A very real campaign is on to push for a broader federal set-up, effectively creating four separate nations bound only by a common link to the crown.

Shia-Sunni Jihad In Kurram

The Federally-Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan has been the scene of a no-holds-barred jihad being waged by the local Shias and Sunnis against each other.

Govt Finally Wakes Up To Shcil’s Dubious Acts

The government has finally ordered an investigation into Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL), India’s largest Depository Participant (DP) for a series of shenanigans documented by The Indian Express over the last few weeks.

Gas Connections

Japan and South Korea emerge as serious competitors to both India and China who have been vying with each other in offering supply of military equipment to the military regime in Myanmar so as to get pipeline contracts.

Game Plans

The Falun Gong, Tibetan youth, Uighur separatists and disgruntled sections of the local population due to perceived issues of economic injustice would constitute the four internal sources of concern.

The Unravelling Of Uttar Pradesh

As someone who believes that India is a rich country that has been impoverished because of the incompetence of our political class, I have watched the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh with growing dismay.

Action Begins

The government of India has ordered a detailed probe into the goings-on at Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL) that have been detailed in these columns over the last six weeks.

Leave It For Voters To Decide

The Constituent Assembly witnessed some interesting debates on the reservation of seats in legislatures for minorities.

Pm, His Pack Kept Away From Up

The issue of price rise which has been made a campaign issue by the Samajwadi Party has forced the Congress to desist from fielding the PM and senior ministerial colleagues from campaigning in the state.

Afzal Case For European Parliament

The case of Afzal Guru, sentenced to death for his alleged role in the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001, will be raised in the European Parliament during President A.P.J.

Looking For A Place In The Sun

China's migrant workers have been crucial to sustaining the economic boom. Now attention is turning to their plight.

Rushdie Shortlisted For Man Booker

Salman Rushdie is among some of the world's tallest literary figures such as Carlos Fuentes, Philip Roth and Amos Oz who have been shortlisted for the £60,000 Man Booker International Prize.

Mumbai As International Finance Hub — Reality Check On Bankers' Dream

Developing nations seeking to benefit from financial globalisation should create the ground conditions to benefit from it.

Electoral Confusion In Up

A short visit to Lucknow, even after one-fourth of the polling is over, does not clear the electoral confusion that prevails in UP.

Road To Kashmir Roundtable May Prove To Be Rocky

Discussions in crucial working group on Centre-State relations deadlocked National Conference seeks wide-ranging autonomy BJP for abrogation of Article 370.

A Mistake, Admits Blair

Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday admitted that it was not "a good idea'' to have allowed British sailors, freed by Iran, to sell their stories to the media in what was seen as an implied criticism of Defence Secretary Des Browne who was . . . .

Long Range Over China

The successful test firing of the long-range Agni III missile on Thursday marks the belated maturing of India’s atomic weapons programme and positions India to join the big league of nuclear great powers.

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