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Friday, April 13, 2007


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From April 07, 2007  to April 13, 2007

Dictatorship Over The Proletariat

I should have written about the Nandigram tragedy earlier. I did not do so intentionally, because I felt that a leftist government could not do all that the media was highlighting.

India To Conduct Naval Exercises With China

The five-day manoeuvres, beginning on April 12, will be held at the Qingdao port Trilateral exercises to be conducted with U.S., Japan Manoeuvres also planned with the Philippines, Vietnam

"Media Warfare" In U.K.

The British Government has been accused of trying to use its military personnel for waging a "propaganda war'' against Iran after it allowed two of the 15 navy crew, who had been detained by Tehran for allegedly entering its territorial waters . . .

Under Siege, Iran Ups The Ante

The `uncontrolled chain reaction' predicted by the IAEA chief when sanctions were first imposed continues, with no terminal state in view other than conflict.

Small Steps On A Long And Bumpy Road

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Japan could go some way towards melting the ice but much follow-up work will be needed.

Judicial Reform

As the Congress party and its Left allies pick an ill-considered fight with the judiciary, Communist China’s Chief Justice, Xiao Yang was in New Delhi last week to learn the tricks of distancing the court from the executive.

In Search Of An Indian Security Strategy

The news on the fissile materials treaty from Geneva should generate a serious debate in India on what should be our credible minimum deterrent and how we should set about reaching it.

Why Is There So Much Anti-Uzbek Anger?

The tribals are angry against the Uzbeks not just because they are indulging in acts of terrorism, but even more because over the years they have been usurping the land of the tribals of the area and making.

Musharraf's Bhindranwale

Meet Maulana Mohammad Abdul Aziz, a Deobandi cleric, the head of the Lal Masjid [Red Mosque] in Islamabad, earlier used by Musharraf to discredit Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.

Dictatorship Over The Proletariat

I should have written about the Nandigram tragedy earlier. I did not do so intentionally, because I felt that a leftist government could not do all that the media was highlighting.

Bureaucracy, Heal Thyself

Coming as i do from a family of government servants, it was not a surprise when an old fr-iend of our family, a senior IAS official, dro-pped in the other day.

Sachar And The Politics Of Division

As a frequent traveller to foreign lands, may I begin by stating humbly but categorically that in my view there is no non-Muslim country in the world in which Muslims have more freedom to practice their religion and culture than India.

Judiciary Needs Some Tips On Functioning Of The Capital Market

Over the last decade, one of the biggest challenges of securities regulators has been to sensitise the judiciary to the nuances of capital market regulation.

Urban India Suffers From Neglect

The fact that Congress needs to explain its position through its campaign advertisements speaks of a policy gone horribly wrong.

Common Market For South Asia?

Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz probably did not say anything new when he pointed out at a press conference in Delhi a few days ago that trade with India was linked to a solution on Kashmir.

Wonder That Is Saarc

There have been widespread comments on SAARC being all talk and no action in spite of its existence for 22 years.

Populism Is Irreversible

I must confess my profound unease at the irrational exuberance of those junior doctors and medical students at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) who observed 'Holi' after last . . . .

Cross The Gulf Cautiously

Iran's former President Hojatoleslam Mohammad Khatami was in Delhi last week.

Kashmir Solution Must Be Saleable On Both Sides: Aziz

Any solution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute should be "saleable" by the leaders of India and Pakistan to their peoples, the Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz emphasised in an exclusive interview to The Hindu in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Towards The Final Push

The belief that erstwhile “liberation” movements can effortlessly abandon their guns and bleak underground existence to enjoy political power wrested through the ballot has always been a guiding principle of Indian democracy.

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