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Friday, March 23, 2007

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From March 17, 2007  to March 23, 2007

Security On The Downslide

Dr Manmohan Singh’s appointment as Prime Minister in 2004 was welcomed internationally.

Behind The Silver Lining, The Storm Clouds

As the peace process proceeds ahead, the unchecked growth of the religious Right raises disturbing questions about Jammu and Kashmir's future.

No Decision Yet On `Coordinated Patrolling'

India has received a proposal from Sri Lanka for "coordinated patrolling" of their maritime waters, but no decision has been taken on the issue, highly placed Government sources told The Hindu on Wednesday.

How Not To Deal With Pakistan

Manmohan Singh's appointment as Prime Minister in 2004 was welcomed internationally.

A Muddle On National Security And Foreign Policy

Even those who support New Delhi's efforts to expand cooperation with the US are worried about the perceived readiness to accept American prescriptions on relations with Pakistan.

Six-Party Talks Over North Korea Remain Stalled

The six-way talks in Beijing aimed at the denuclearisation of North Korea remained stalled for the second day running with Pyongyang refusing to negotiate further until it could confirm receipt of $25 million of freed funds.

Neon Glow

ON either side, the ocean, inky blue in the gathering twilight, rises up as the plane noses downward straight into the hungry, open mouth of the water.

Four Years After The Invasion Of Iraq

The U.S. has all but lost the war in Iraq. Suicide bombings, sniper attacks, car blasts, and the downing of American helicopters have become commonplace.

Uncle Sam Says Cool It

After having initially commented on the suspension of the Chief Justice of the Pakistan Supreme Court, the US has decided not to voice any more criticism of Musharraf, but to reiterate its backing to him. For now.

Pakistani Judge Traced To Lucknow Ashram

Ahead of political storm, acting Chief Justice-designate seeks spiritual solace Lucknow CID traced judge only on Sunday Bhagwandas also visited Asuda Das Ashram.

Dispute Over Frozen Money Resolved

American officials announced in Beijing on Monday that they had resolved a dispute with North Korea over $25 million frozen in a Macau bank.

Zone Of Imminent Crisis

SEZ is unmitigated fraud wrapped in an ideology which is sold through the elite and pink papers to the country, says S Gurumurthy.

Defining Buddha Moment

Behind the dust and the deaths, allegations and recriminations in the wake of the Nandigram development lies another strong political reality.

The 9-11 Confession

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, has recorded his statement before the Military Tribunal at Guantanomo detention camp which is to determine his status as a military combatant.

The Charade Continues

It would not be in the interest of either the US or Pakistan for the fraudulent part of the so-called war against Al Qaeda to be exposed.  

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