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Friday, February 16, 2007

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From February 10, 2007  to February 16, 2007

Victims Of "Arbitrariness Gone Mad"

Indian doctors are not questioning Britain's right to regulate immigration to suit its changing needs.

Beijing's Mediatory Role The Key

Finding a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff with North Korea is in China's own national interest.

Welcoming Foreign Scholars

If we ever needed proof of the proposition that “China is a closed society with an open mind and India is an open society with a closed mind” we now have it from a series of recent reports in this paper on how New Delhi denies visas to research . . .

India's Vulnerability Bared

Whatever may have been China's motivation, its Jan. 11 anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon test is bound to have lasting global impact like no other military event in recent years.

What Happened To Bin Laden?

So the global Jihadi Intifada, Zawahiri tells us, will be led by Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Amir of the Taliban. Curiously, there is not even a mention of Osama...

Trilateral Business Meet Later This Year

Three countries agree to play greater role in world peace Weaponisation of outer space opposed North Korean deal welcomed.

Wit, Charm And Humour

He's chatty, charming and even has a sense of humour. Unlike many of his stodgy colleagues, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing smiles, uses his hands to make a point and is not averse to correcting his interpreter should the need arise.

India, Russia, China Agree Cooperation Holds The Key

``U.N. an appropriate instrument for promoting a multi-polar world order'' Stress need to save cultural, civilisational diversity of world Come out strongly against the menace of terrorism

N. Korea To End Nuclear Programme

After six days of hard bargaining, the six-party talks here on North Korea's nuclear programme ended on Tuesday with an announcement that the country would dismantle its programme in exchange for security guarantees and energy aid.

Anti-Satellite Test Is Not Directed At Any Country, Says Li Zhaoxing

`Hotline' between Foreign Ministers in place; Consulates at Guangzhou and Kolkata before year-end New consulates at Guangzhou, Kolkata Trade touches $25 billion.

"A Repetition Of 1994 Accord"

The agreement here on North Korea's nuclear programme has been felt by some in the United States as merely a repetition of the 1994 accord between Pyongyang and Washington, bringing little new to the table.

Will The Real Cold Warriors Stand Up?

President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 10, 2007 has been described by many Western commentators as a throwback to the Cold War.

Déjà Vu On The Korean Peninsula

After first pushing North Korea to test a nuclear weapon, the Bush administration has settled for a deal it could have had in 2002 or 2005.

U.K. Defends Law On Doctors

British immigration authorities on Tuesday defended the new tougher immigration rules for doctors from non-European countries.

Stop Pandering To Separatists

The Manmohan Singh Government appears to believe that separatists, armed, financed and trained across our borders, can be won over by a policy of appeasement.

The Tragedy Of Bangladesh

The tragic hero, Aristotle wrote, suffers a change in fortune because of a mistaken act to which he is led by his "error of judgment" or his "tragic flaw."

Lacking In Rationale

Some very irrational conclusions have affected the credibility of the final order.

Hopes Of Deal At Beijing Talks

The six-party talks aimed at the denuclearisation of North Korea got a new lease of life on Monday with envoys agreeing to extend the negotiations by one more day.

Cauvery: Dycm Seeks Bjp’s Help

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Monday knocked at the doors of the BJP central leadership with a plea to help the State in its efforts to secure justice over the Cauvery water in the wake of the Cauvery tribunal’s final order last week.

British Jews Take On Israeli Lobby

Their campaign is meant to challenge the claim of the Israeli state and its proxy institutions abroad to represent the opinion of all Jews, especially on the Palestinian issue.

Militarisng Balochistan

Anger mounts in Balochistan as Pakistan reportedly has agreed to allow the Chinese Air Force to use the Gwadar airport in an emergency.

It's Hot In Beijing This February

Temperatures for the month have been the highest since records began to be compiled in 1840.

Muslims Aren't The Only Voters

Opinion makers, such as they are, hunt in a pack.

Not Seeking Exclusive Sphere Of Influence: India

Our vision for SAARC is regionalism, says Pranab Mukherjee Press must create "proper understanding" between countries Media is a torch-bearer of better people-to-people ties.

Stop Pandering To Separatists

The Manmohan Singh Government appears to believe that separatists, armed, financed and trained across our borders, can be won over by a policy of appeasement.

Westward Ahoy!

From the point of view of power projection and the visibility of our Navy, the region to the East of India is more important than the region to the West.

Iranian Government Gears Up For Political Show Of Strength

People support nuclear right, but also favour dialogue, compromise The anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution is celebrated on February 11 Focus on Ahmadinejad's speech.


Last week, the Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL) began a pilot e-stamping project in Gujarat.

Soniaji, If You Really Care About The Aam Aadmi...

If Sonia Gandhi were no longer on speaking terms with her handpicked prime minister, you might understand the rationale for writing him a letter.

Beijing Meet Discusses Draft

The ongoing six-party talks in Beijing saw a day of intense negotiations on Saturday as envoys from all sides tried to come to an agreement based around a draft proposal circulated by China on Thursday night.

Check Naka Blues

In my last column I described a wondrous journey along a world-class highway on the Golden Quadrilateral. What I didn't write about is the continuing, unhappy plight of truckers that I saw parked on the way, waiting to pay bribes at check nakas.

Indian Doctors Lose Legal Battle

Association says judgment is "very disappointing;" likely to challenge it The rules came into force in April last Changes are horrifying: British Medical Association.

"Cautious Optimism"

A draft agreement circulated by China at the six-party talks here has met with "divergent opinions" according to chief U.S. envoy to the negotiations Christopher Hill.

Kerala Handicap Is Tn's Gain

Kerala’s inability to fully utilise its share of Cauvery water – 30 tmc ft – may prove to be a boon for Tamil Nadu.

Kidnap Plot: Not A Police State, Says Britain

Five men of Pakistani origin have been charged in connection with an alleged plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Politics Or Politicking?

One of Indira Gandhi’s most enduring but disagreeable contributions to public life lay in obliterating the distinction between politics and politicking.

Final Award May Leave Bangalore Parched

Bangalore may become uninhabitable in not-so-distant future, unless Karnataka farmers from the Cauvery basin area spare some water from their share for the burgeoning population here.

Lack Of Courage

It is sad that India does not have the courage to uphold Gandhi’s satyagraha, an enunciation of truth and values.

U.S. Hopes For Progress As Six-Party Talks Resume

America's attitude will determine outcome: North Korea.

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