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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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From October 18, 2007 to October 24, 2007

Outsourcing Business

Demystifying the Global IT Services Industry: Was Rahman and Priya Kurien; Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd., B 1/11, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, Mathura Road, New Delhi- 110044. Rs. 395

A Note Of Caution

LeftWord Books has done a signal service in bringing out, as the ninth in their Signpost series of publications on ‘Issues that matter’, a selection of essays by Prakash Karat on the theme of U.S.-India strategic relationship, written over the . . .

Hindi Print Media

“We need a Hindi version of Citizen Kane. The time is right for it.

Ancient Theatre Tradition

Kathakalo, the classical dance-drama of Kerala, is a unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance.

Advocacy Of Socialism

The staunch ideals and beliefs with which some people embrace and advocate socialism with a revolutionary outlook is brought out in this book by placing on record some who fought unreservedly their proletariat battles against capitalism.

Pilgrim Centres

This book is a spiritual illumination taking the reader to various places of pilgrimage down south with the author acting as the guide.

Grassroots Governance

These papers, originally presented at a UNDP and UN-Habitat conference in New Delhi in 2002, dispel many myths about Indian democracy.

Spiritual Wisdom

The Culmination of Detachment: English translation of the discourses by Upadhyaya Amar Muni, pub. by Sugal & Damani, No.11, Ponnappa Lane, Triplicane, Chennai-600005. Rs. 299.

Strong Plot With A Smooth Flow

The 19 short stories that comprise Nergis Dalal's The Nude encompass all shades of human emotions.

Water Scarcity Is Man-Made

Ramaswamy Iyer is a well-known scholar with vast experience in the field of water science and river hydrology.

A Reminder To Americans

I never thought I would lose my country, and I never dreamed it would lose me."

From Raj To Swaraj

It would be unfair to compare Peter Clarke's book, The Last Thousand Days of the British Empire, with Stanley Wolpert's Shameful Flight: The Last Years of the British Empire in India and Alex Von Tunzelmann's Indian Summer:

Identity, Conscience And History

Elif Shafak’s second English novel (sixth in Turkish) incurred the wrath of the Turks because her Armenian characters insulted them, by referring to the “millions” of Armenians “massacred” by the “Turkish butchers”.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

In Palangal (Bridges), well-known Tamil writer Sivasankari observes three generations of women from traditional ‘Tam Bram’ families — unconnected to one another — as they steer their lives through changing times and mores.

Man Of The Masses

Professor MN Vijayan, prominent leftist thinker in Kerala, was a successful teacher, self-taught psychologist, gifted writer and talented orator.

Print Pick

Dev Anand is something of a Bollywood institution. For generations of filmgoers he has remained Hindi cinema’s most charismatic personality.

Discovering Gwadar

The district of Gwadar, traditionally a part of Makran, lies in the southern-most part of the Province of Balochistan.

A Persuasive Account

In the context of globalisation, Indian economy is becoming more and more 'open' and subject to supra-national economic influences.

Bleak, Schematic And Ideological
To be 'gifted' is to be foredoomed to frustration and ignominy, if one's parents choose to stake everything on this asset and are hell-bent on extracting the utmost out of it.

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