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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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From October 11, 2007 to October 17, 2007

Now, A Dictionary Of Demons!

Interested in knowing about the grandfather of the demon King Ravana? Or may be his children? Ravana, the archetypal 'Rakshasa,' was a gentleman yet ogre and son of a Brahmin . . .. .

Three Masters In Translation

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Translated by N.K.Damodaran, Mathrubhumi Books, Cherooty Road, Kozhikode-1. Rs. 320.

Mystical Poets

M. Srinivasan; published by Vikatan Prasuram, 757, Anna Salai, Chennai-600002. Rs. 70.

Retro-Classic Novel

Kothamangalam Subbu; Vikatan Prachuram, 757, Anna Salai, Chennai-600002. Rs. 99.

New Arrivals

Effective Environmental Management — Principles and Case Studies: Rory Sullivan, Hugh Wyndham; Allen & Unwin, Australia. Rs. 395. All Men Are Brothers — Autobiographical Reflections – Mahatma Gandhi: Compiled and edited by Krishna Kripalani. . .

Perspectives On Corporate Governance

Prescriptions for good quality governance of the corporate and financial sectors in a globalising economy.

One Man’s Mission To Promote Peace

Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin; Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd., 11, Community Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi-110017. Rs. 395.

Cutting Edge Of Physics

Lee Smolin’s book is a report from the cutting edge of theoretical physics.

Window On Pioneering Cartoons

Wit and Humour in colonial north India: Mushirul Hasan; Niyogi Books, D-78, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi-110020.

Unlikely Friends

Astrid Mattson lives in a two-storeyed cocoon. Across the field, her new neighbour Veronika Bergman is in the workshop of her next book.

The Road Not Taken

An undercurrent of passion and honest emotion pulls the narrative through over some implausible moments in this book which deals with religious faith and worldly lures.

When Art Imitates Life

It would seem a paradox that the cinema is said to be, in one sense, the most real of all media, but that it is also an enormously effective medium for the unreal, the fantastic and the dream-like”— a quote by Alexander Mackendrick . . . . . .

Wings Of Glory

It is in the fitness of things that even as the Indian Air Force is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and at sixty, India is going through the euphoria of ‘Chak de’, celebrating achievements in a variety of fields, S Sapru has . . . . . .

Away Into The Void

Booker Prize winning Yann Martel reveals the origins of his audacious novel Life of Pi.

Aditya Kapoor: All In The Family

Looks like it is raining Kapoors this season. Yet another Kapoor showcases his creative skills, and he is none other than Aditya Kapoor, son of Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali.

Fifty And Counting!

It was his school teacher sleeping dead to the world that gave famous cartoonist Shankar his first idea to caricature life.

Identity, Conscience And History

Elif Shafak’s second English novel (sixth in Turkish) incurred the wrath of the Turks because her Armenian characters insulted them, by referring to the “millions” of Armenians “massacred” by the “Turkish butchers”.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

In Palangal (Bridges), well-known Tamil writer Sivasankari observes three generations of women from traditional ‘Tam Bram’ families — unconnected to one another — as they steer their lives through changing times and mores.

Man Of The Masses

Professor MN Vijayan, prominent leftist thinker in Kerala, was a successful teacher, self-taught psychologist, gifted writer and talented orator.

A Persuasive Account

In the context of globalisation, Indian economy is becoming more and more 'open' and subject to supra-national economic influences.

Bleak, Schematic And Ideological

To be 'gifted' is to be foredoomed to frustration and ignominy, if one's parents choose to stake everything on this asset and are hell-bent on extracting the utmost out of it.

Print Pick

Marriage Rocks! A Prescription for a Happy Wedded Life is an antidote for all those who consider marriage to be a ‘poison’.

Eat To Health

Tasty food that is healthy as well. That is the aspiration of every homemaker.

Avoid Being Swept Along By Market Manias

“Most people put their faith in experts and their money in mutual funds, and they get their opinions from the headlines.

Kinetic Theatre

This is a slim but rich collection of interviews and essays on the drama group of the Students Federation of India.

Hidden Reality

Economics is admittedly the most quantitative among the social sciences, and the ability to interpret numbers and draw inferences from them is a highly commended skill among its practitioners.

The Human Cost

A new book on Partition examines the human cost of the catastrophic event.

Path To Partion:

IN the entire corpus of American writings on India, this book stands out in all its uniqueness.

White Man's Burden

The white people's real burden is to civilise themselves, says this book in a searing indictment of racism in the United States.

Dateline Oudh

It would, at the outset, appear an audacious undertaking. How does one make a 19th century Urdu journal, Avadh Punch, accessible to the contemporary English-reading public? And why its resurrection now? Mushirul Hasan has embarked on a brave journey.

All Those Jaunty Angles

"To be in love with oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance," said Oscar Wilde, who should have known. Dev Anand has no reservations about his charm, his importance and his popularity.

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