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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


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From September 20, 2007 to September 26, 2007

Evolution Of Costumes Down The Ages

Colourful and diverse, Indian costumes have dazzled the world for centuries. This book makes “an attempt… to understand the development of Indian costumes for men and women in general, and in some elite groups, on the basis of extant literature and art.”

Gender Bias

Internationally sex ratio is defined as the number of men per 1000 women.

New Arrivals

Methodology — Data Presentation: Y.K.Singh, R.B. Bajpai; Rs. 595. Biodiversity Conservation: AK Ghosh; Rs. 695.

Non-Fiction Cinematic Work

Filmmaker and writer B.D.Garga has written this book about an important but often forgotten dimension of the film history in India — the non-fiction films.

Contours Of Water Crisis

Ramaswamy R. Iyer’s name is familiar to those who have followed the Cauvery river water dispute.

Business With Conscience

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a phrase that is growing popular as business in India expands.

Epic Novel

This modern Malayalam epic comprising more than 1400 pages is regarded as one of the longest novels in world literature.

Multifaceted Personality

This monograph under the series “Makers of Indian literature” illustrates the life of a pioneer in the publication of Telugu journals who was also a nationalist, industrialist, philanthropist and social reformer.

Inner Transformation

In this publication, 10 lectures of J. Krishnamurti (JK) delivered in English by him in Mumbai in 1953 have been rendered into Tamil.

‘India Is Fast Becoming Two Entities’

Mid 1991: The Indian economy was “teetering on the edge of collapse, reflecting more than four decades of de facto central planning,” writes Alan Greenspan in The Age of Turbulence (www.penguin.com).

Weaving History Of Indian Textiles

It must be stated at the outset that the book under review is related to the enormously meaningful work that the noted organisation Dastkar has been doing in the Indian crafts world in general and in the arena of textiles in particular.

What's New In Kerala School Revelation

Finally it all came to pass as though across the ages and the civilisations, the human mind had tried all the possible solutions to the problem of writing numbers, before universally adopting the one which seemed the most abstract, the most . . . .

Voyage Of Discovery

This book is about the religious dilemmas a Muslim woman faces.

Unveiling The Beauty Of Manas

"Somebody once said of Manas that the Earth must have looked like it before man set his foot on the planet."

Of Memory And Sound

Rachel Lichtensteins 'On Brick Lane' is the fascinating story of East Londons most famous street and mirrors changes across the country, says Hilary Spurling.

Making Of A Fundamentalist

Mohsin Hamid describes the crumbling world of a 'modern-day janissary', and how America, post 9/11, makes a 'fundamentalist' of the latter.

A Comparative Failure

HUA HIN, Thailand - There's a tongue-in-cheek rule of headline writing on the Asia Times Online newsdesk that if an article is deathly dull . . . .

Lost In The Blue Mountains

A beautiful jacket, an orotund title—The Solitude of Emperors resonates with promises of grandeur. December 6, 1992, was the Rubicon we crossed.

An Aria Of Darkness

Few would deny that V.S. Naipaul was once one of the most important, innovative and interesting writers of Indian origin; he was also, from the late 1950s until the mid-1980s, one of the towering figures of post-colonial literature the world over . . .

Simply Ismat

Reading Ismat Chughtai is like drinking a glass of Moet and Chandon: it is bubbly, invigorating, makes you laugh and yet when you set the glass down, you realise life is still serious business.

Colouring The Shadows

Nalini doesn’t know English. She can’t even write her mother tongue, Malayalam, properly.

Of The God And Animal

Under the aegis of Mapin Publishing and International Music and Arts Society, Vikramajit Ram launched his book, “Elephant Kingdom”, recently at the Alliance Francaise.

Recreating A Clash Of Religions

Scripted in chaste idiom of Tamil, the novel Visithra Siththan is a treat about the change of faith of Pallava king Mahendra Varma of the 7th century from Jainism to Saivism.

Print Pick

Millions of people are born in this world.

‘Accounting Was Far From Enticing’

In a strict historical sense, professions included theology, medicine, and law, writes Joseph Epstein in ‘Why I am not a lawyer’, an essay that comes immediately after ‘Speaking for the dead’ in In a Cardboard Belt! (www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com).

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