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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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From September 13, 2007 to September 19, 2007

Humour And Pathos

Once A household name, Kothamangalam Subbu (1910-74) was a man of many parts.

Human Penchant For Waging War

Are humans conditioned by their nature to wage war, is a question debated over centuries.

Dance Music

The author is a performing artiste and an academic who has rich experience in providing vocal support to eminent dancers for over two decades.

Still A Long Way To Go

A Failed Promise of Literacy: Swapna Mukhopadhyay — Editor; Social Science Press, New Delhi. Distributed by Orient Longman, 1/24, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002. Rs. 550.

The Reform Journey

The inside story of the dramatic unfolding of Russia’s troubled transition to a market economy . . .

Print Pick

The Solitude Of Emperors David Davidar, Rs. 495.00.

No Publisher’s Block

David Davidar talks of how he forgets his day job as a publisher when he writes and about his latest book ‘The Solitude of Emperors’.

Theological Treatise

V. V. Ramanujan; Sri Rangapriya Pathippagam, 68, T.P. Koil Street, Triplicane, Chennai-60005. Rs. 170.

Clearing Ideological Confusion

The volumes under review present thematically E. M. S. Namboodiripad’s answers to questions posed by readers of Chintha, theoretical journal of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), over a quarter century.

Passage From India For A Math Genius

On the last Tuesday in January in 1913, Cambridge mathematician G.H. Hardy opened his mail and got the shock of his life.

Oriya Lit's Forgotten Patriarch

He is the man credited with fanning the resurgence that led to the formation of India's first linguistic state, the man fêted as the father of modern Oriya literature.

Anthology Of Great Orators

The date is September 27, 1893; place: Chicago, USA; arena: Meeting of the World Parliament of Religions.

Ordeal Of Separation

Muslim leaders and intellectuals have squarely blamed Gandhi and Nehru for the emergence of Pakistan; this book is no different, write Prafull Goradia and KR Phanda.

Out Of Venice

A truly dreadful thing to say, especially since death demands a certain reserve, a sentiment Aurelio Zen, Dibdin’s not quite-defeated-by-life Venetian police detective, would fully appreciate.

Notes Of A Full Life

His childhood and youth were filled with pranks, from stealing sweets with a fishing rod, to flying kites across North Calcutta skies, and then to training as a wrestler with enough seriousness to get to the state wrestling finals.

Our World, In Terabytes

Does decision-making paralyse you? A new book makes a case for careful data-crunching, another tells you to trust your intuition.

Secular Vision

David Davidar’s second novel “The Solitude of Emperors” is centred on the communal riots in Mumbai.

Unravelling A Goddess

“Kali manifested before me. She came in so strong and the thoughts flowed,” says Shambhavi L. Chopra. Well, she is the author of ‘Yogic Secrets of the Dark Goddess’ published by Wisdom Tree.

Packaging, Publicity And The Hidden Hand

With the exception of upmarket literature, almost all books are commissioned now.

History Without Pedagogy

The relationship between the historian and his facts has always been problematic. A history is not a catalogue of facts, nor a framework of interpretation into which every piece of available information must necessarily fit.

There For The Knowing

The Rights and Wrongs of It: the Right to Information, edited by Bhabesh Das and Rajiv K. Bhattacharyya, is an anthology of essays that rumble with discontent, questioning the amended RTI law.

The Owl Fell Off Its Perch

Those with experience in such matters say that it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a woman who is both beautiful and faithful.

Flowers In Fire

God and the gardener, and bearing witness — that rare moment of authenticity in compassion and courage — are elements in the fabular structure that lies embedded in David Davidar’s novel, The Solitude of Emperors.

Shocking Disclosures

In his memoirs Maj Gen. Harkirat Singh has reproduced contemporary documents that reveal a lot that was not known about the IPKF in Sri Lanka.

Reinvening Hindutva

The controversy over a recent Kannada novel provides an insight into the direction of the politics of religion and culture in Karnataka.

A Few Thoughts On Ramayana

As a mark of gratitude and love for his father and guru late Krishnamurty Pantulu, Acharya Sarvabhauma Vedula Subrahmanya Sastry (former professor and head of the department, Telugu, AU) translated Adbhutha Ramayanam from Sanskrit into Telugu.

From War To Cold War

There is not much comfort in looking into a future where you and the countries you dominate, plus the Communist parties in many other States, are all drawn up on one side, and those who rally to the English-speaking nations and their . . . .

On Life And The Arts

Hers is a remarkable story of achievement in various spheres. Vyjayantimala Bali has played many roles to perfection - gifted dancer, beautiful star, talented actress, successful politician, skilled sportswoman.

Poetry In A Bind

Well known Urdu poet Kiran Kashmiri’s collection of poems and ghazals was recently released in New Delhi. The book, titled “Shehr-e-Gul Shehr-e-Khamoshan”, was formally released by prominent Urdu poet Balraj Komal at the city’ s Press Club. . .

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