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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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From August 23, 2007 to August 29, 2007

Travesty Of Democracy

Everyone who reads The Washington Post on a fairly regular basis in the lead up to and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States would agree that Rajiv Chandrasekaran did an exemplary job of reporting the events as they unfolded.

Print Pick

This is not merely a chronicle of the community outreach of the Indian Space research Organisation.

Advaita Treatise

Upadesa Sahasri is a philosophical treatise written by Sankara in simple, classical Sanskrit as if it was meant for the ordinary spiritual aspirants to whom his commentary on the Brahmasutra might appear formidable to study and understand without . . . .

Promises To Keep

Big jackets used to be the dress code for some students visiting the Delhi Book Fair.

Bookworms, Time For More Books!

The Oxford Autumn Sale is back. Between August 24 and September 9, the store offers discounts ranging from 5 per cent to 70 per cent.

A Rediscovery Of India

It sounds like a thinking youngster’s grand dream – hop on to a train, travel the country, meet its real people in the smaller towns, take a peek at history and gaze into the future - with hope, and perhaps a plan.

Protagonist Of Company Art

The Most Celebrated Painter of India (1848-1906): Published by Parsram Mangharam, Bangalore. Rs. 1500.

Prakrit Adaptation Of The Bhagavad Gita

An English translation of his rendering on the Geeta: Ravin Thatte; Pub. by B.K.L. Walawalkar Hospital, Diagnostic and Research Centre, Dervan, District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Rs. 750.

Media Under The Scanner

The print media helped shape Kerala society in the last century, and the electronic media is playing a similar role now.

Mahabharata Retold

The author touches upon some interesting points in the second part of this work.

Early Tamil Script

The book under review is one of the few good works on “vattezhuttu”. The author is known for his innovative works on numismatics.

Ringside View Of History

A book of varied speeches, released strategically around Independence Day is bound to invoke the nation, as this volume does unequivocally.

Grove Edge

This book tracks the footsteps of a business leader who overcame a brutal childhood to make history.

Wasted On Advertising!

This biography shows RK Swamy was a powerful strategic thinker, able to search the haystack and find the needle.

Ready, Set, Cut The Action!

This book would have done better as a non-fictional account of sugar mill politics than the 'passionate' tale it sets out to be.

Mea Culpa, Says Godse...

Besides chronicling the conspiracy surrounding Gandhi's assassination, the author also locates important events and developments surrounding the freedom movement.

Comedy Can Be Ironical

So what's your idea of comedy? To return home one night and find that the house has been burgled; very comprehensively burgled.

In The League Of Trading Nations

We are aware how critical was the issue of intellectual property at WTO negotiations, which took over eight years amid great expectations.

How World Was Hammered

By a quirk of history, India appeared on the Bolshevik horizon soon after the Russian Revolution.

There's Method To This Madness

From a relatively tattered childhood in a refugee colony in divided Bengal to a successful international management consultant, Shombit Sengupta has passed through great upheavals in his life.

Bringing Coffee To The Table

“Coffee Gyan” published by Macmillan India Limited and the Coffee Board makes for a quick and light read.

Print Pick

Starbook: Ben Okri, Rs. 480 A magical tale of love and regeneration. Gifted: Nikita Lalwani, Rs. 395 A contender for this year’s Booker Prize. The Assassin’s Song: M. G. Vassanji, Rs. 450

Risks Of ‘Lean’ Logistics

Just in case you are leaping headlong into JIT (just-in-time), it may help to listen to Ronald H. Ballou and Samir K. Srivastava.

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