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From August 02, 2007 to August 08, 2007

Literary Pioneer

Ilakkia Chintanai, a Chennai Tamil literary forum of 35 years’ standing, commissions a writer each year to write a biography of a Tamil literary pioneer.

A Way Forward For Peace

History helps when it is left behind — this is what Krishna Kumar marks out as the central theme of his book, Battle for Peace, intended as a way forward for peace between India and Pakistan.

Versatile Scholar

A Monograph: T.N. Shankaranarayana, Sahitya Akademi, Ravindra Bhavan, 35, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 25.

Desika’s Philosophical Work In Translation

Venkatanatha (1268-1369 A.D) was the brightest star in the firmament of Srivaishnava religion and philosophy of the post-Ramanuja period.

Post-Colonial Indian Theatre

Drama, Theory, and Urban Performance in India since 1947: Aparna Bhargava Dharwadker; Oxford University Press, YMCA Library Building, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi-110001. Rs. 695.

Making Society Inclusive

The merits and the demerits of caste-based reservations have been debated for well over a century, but have failed to bring the proponents and opponents of the issue together.

Glimpses Of Indian Culture

On a rain-dappled evening, a glimpse of ‘the city set on a hill which cannot be hid’ was brought into view as a coffee table book offering vistas from the ever-expanding collection of Kamla and Jagdish Mittal was launched on Sunday.

Exploring Indian Politics

It wasn’t a book reading of the usual sorts, but a conversation between two intellectual minds discussing the book India After Gandhi – The History of the World’s Greatest Democracy.

Migrant Woes

BY END of the 1930s, farmers in singles and in groups from various parts of Travancore started migrating to Malabar in search of occupation.

Performance Mantras

An organisation is not just a coming together of competent people and state-of-the-art machinery.

Pulling Out All The Stops

Irrespective of the fortunes of the national team, cricket will always continue to command attention.

When The Crown Trembled

The story of the spread of European power in India, even before 1857, was not one of unresisted colonisation.

In The Showing

Emotional truth’ or an empathetic human quality is what the author Adichie sets store by.

Remarkable Self-Portrait

The book traces the transformation of a child bride into a poet and a social revolutionary.

Women’s View

A Thousand Splendid Suns documents, in vivid detail, the lives of Afghan women, in both the richness and the poverty of their lives.

Epiphanic Moments

Dharker blends the moral, the political and the existential into a quietly crafted poetics.

Why The Novel Matters

Through seven linked essays, Kundera takes us on an exhilarating, pan-European tour of the history of the novel.

Exploring Essences

This collection testifies that Primo Levi is much more than a reporter of the Holocaust.

Reality Show

Though the book’s elitist canvas is not heart-wrenching, its concerns are real and urgent.

A Good Beginning

Despite writing plays in English since the 1920s, Indian playwrights have occupied an uneasy space in the literary world and had to deal with persistent ambiguity about their work and achievements.

Love And Longing In The Time Of War

By weaving the war into a family’s life, Anam brings home the price that people pay in a time of fighting.

Unusual Poetic Images

Sridala Swami paints the most poignant pictures with the least number of words.

All Good News

It’s all good news here; the second instalment of Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists, comprising a list of names largely unknown to the casual reader, is a book to buy, read and keep.

Not Quite Immortals

An interesting work that traces the life of two diverse geniuses.

Window On A Troubled Region

The book brings much-needed basis for optimism and yields a kind of balance in information about both sides.

Traumatic, Yet Beautiful

Black Juice is a collection of 10 short stories by Australian author Margo Flanagan. Aimed at the young and the impressionable, it mocks at the limitations of age and time.

If The Ghalibs Were English

If a review has scope for the reviewer's taste, I'd call Urdu the sweetest language in the world. Urdu literature draws its inspiration - as much as vocabulary - from Persian literature, with technical parlance derived from Arabic and Turkish.

Dispatches From Pakistan

Amit Barua of The Hindu was one of the two Indian correspondents who was allowed to report from Pakistan towards the end of the 20th century.

The Wind Beneath Its Wings

Even in this era of information and technology, there is a woeful dearth of material on the early days of the Royal Flying Corps and military aviation.

Fresh Print

When you think of Kerala, you naturally think of high levels of female literacy.

The Smart Indian Manager

It is tempting to say this book is a “must-read”. It certainly is, but it is actually more of a “must read and re-read and reflect upon”.

After Midnight: A Reel Story

This is a complex novel, which is written at many different levels of filmmaking, of fragile relationships and of communalism.

Talking Rafi

Some things just refuse to go out of fashion. One of them is Mohammed Rafi’s voice.

Quiet In The Flurry

The relationship between language and meaning has always haunted poets.

Big Is Not Always Beautiful

Anton Chekhov, the famous short-story writer, often lamented that he had a mania for shortness: “Whatever I read — my own or other people’s works — it all seems to me not short enough.”

Politics Of The Governed

While much literature exists on mass politics, little attention has been given to the relationship between the politics of identity and changes in the economy and patterns of governance in the post-reforms era.

Truth About Cats And Dogs

It is commonplace for pet-owners to ascribe emotions to their animals. Dogs seem happy when they wag their tails and cats look sad when they crouch.

Writing And Making History

Laura Trevelyan writes about her own ancestors who were an integral part of England’s intellectual aristocracy.

The Far Shores

What could be common to a 15th-century Russian horse-dealer, a 16th-century Venetian merchant and a Portuguese Catholic priest, and a 17th century cabin-boy from Cornwall? Wanderlust.

Window To Kerala’s Heritage

The articles featuring illustrious local artistes and highlighting their achievements has a strong regional flavour that makes for both enjoyable and informative reading.

In Real Time

For years now we have been asking why Kannada playwrights are shy of grappling with contemporary social or political material in their works.

Muhammad's Legacy

Tariq Ramadan is a Muslim Martin Luther,” The Washington Post once remarked. It is doubtful whether he would accept such ignorant and condescending praise.

War And Peace

The book is about political developments in Pakistan between 1997 and 2000 as seen through the eyes of a reporter.

Renewing Identity

The author makes a careful analysis of the ways in which Dalits aspire to rebuild their identity.

Classics With Class Perspective

Professor Utsa Patnaik and the LeftWord publishers deserve appreciation for bringing out a selection of writings by Karl Marx, Karl Kautsky and V.I. Lenin on what has come to be known in Marxist discourse as the “Agrarian Question”.

Lessons From A Surgeon

Atul Gawande’s Better www.penguinbooksindia.com) is a collection of ‘a surgeon’s notes on performance’. People often look to great athletes for lessons about performance, writes the author in the intro.

What Spurs Sabya?

‘Kite Runner’ has inspired Sabyasachi Mukherjee, as much as the royalty of India

The Illustrated Tigers Of India

Summers in Middle India can be killing. But a few years ago, I decided to brave the searing heat and make a trip to the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Born To Be Free

Salma Ahmed’s reputation precedes her. The first woman entrepreneur of Pakistan, the founder and CEO of that country’s Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Have Success Formulas Become Blasé?

At one time, especially in the industrial West, the market used to be flooded with books of “How to....” genre, giving basket-loads of tips on how to succeed in whatever enterprise or activity one undertakes.

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