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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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From July 26, 2007 to August 01, 2007

Indigenous Sanskrit Theatre Form

An excerpt from the last chapter captures the subtlety of ‘Abhinaya’ in Kutiyattam. “Mani Madhava Chakyar was performing sikhinisalabha... Butterflies fly all around.

Armchair View Of Test Cricket

We live in a basically unpredictable world, featuring histories dominated by contingencies, wrote Stephen Jay Gould in Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville: A Lifelong Passion for Baseball.

Why Iran Matters To U.S.

The nuclear issue has so come to dominate contemporary analysis about the hostile relationship between the United States and Iran that one tends to forget the role that oil is also playing in the slow but seemingly inevitable slide towards . . . .


En Siranda Nanbar: Swami Suddhananda; a Tamil translation of lectures of the Swamiji in English by Sivasankari and Lalitha Venkatesh, Vanathi Pathippagam, 23, Deenadayalu Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017. Rs. 60.

Devotional Work

Manvala Mamunigal, usually called Varavara Muni, especially in Sanskrit works, was perhaps the last of the scholar-giants in South Indian Vaishnavism.

Making Exports Competitive

The focus of this book is on understanding the firm level determinants of international competitiveness in Indian knowledge-based industries.

About Men And Matters

M. P. Veerendra Kumar is a man of many parts. Amidst his preoccupations as the head of a major newspaper group, state president of a national political party, and a Member of Parliament, he found time to write 13 books over a period of 12 years.

Sage Of Puducherry

Sri Aravinda Darshanam: Srisarvari; Master Yogashram, Plot 89, Krishna Enclave, Military Dairy Farm Road, Tirumalagiri Road, Secunderabad-500015. Rs. 100.

Cut, Wounded And Still Reeling

Tabish Khair’s Filming draws a unique connection between photography and barbed wire: both inventions, intended to freeze movement, were perfected in the year 1880.

The Budget That Wasn't

An important book for the insights it offers into the mind of the man at the fulcrum of national economic policy in the longest (1998-2004) non-Congress government since 1947.

Wanderlust, Circa Ad 1600

Michael Fisher, the editor of this useful anthology, and William Dalrymple, who writes an entertaining preface, refer to these early European travellers as ‘travel writers’—which they were not, in contemporary terms.

A Law Unto Itself

The British East India Company was a colossus responsible for the creation of the iniquitous modern world.

Buddha’s Smile In The Nuke Nook

When someday the nuclear arming of the poor is near completion, with ‘a few dozen fourth-rate countries’ joining the ‘club’, people would continue blaming the Dutch for having allowed the Pakistani scientist, A. Q. Khan to obtain dangerous . . . .

People, Not Govt, Can Save Tigers

The tiger is an endangered species with its number dwindling alarmingly, more so in India.

Fighting For Honour

How is it to live in Pakistan among tribes that profess Islam? What is the most determining factor about their behaviour: Islamic or tribal? Or is there no difference between the two?

A'cross' Quicksands Of Intrigue

The first half of the book proceeds at breakneck speed and leaves the reader dizzy but the end is worth it.

Have Youth, Will Experiment

Delve into the mind of a teenager, one called Veerapen Prendrapen who’s all of 15, lives in Surrey, is half-Tamil and half-Jew, the fastest athlete in his school and has just returned from burying his ex girlfriend-of-long-time— Moon.

A River Runs Through It

The cycle of memories that are symbolised by the perennial river Kaveri, makes this brilliantly written novel also metaphysical in its nature.

Coming Home

This is a story of four generations that ultimately awoke to the truth that in future, where one lived would become a matter of choice and not tradition.

Revisiting Krishna
Shovana Narayan, the author of the book under review, has impeccable credentials to write such a tome.

It's Not Just About Killings

The narrative of the novel, based on the story of a Naxal boy and a tribal girl, is both gripping and informative, thanks to the first-hand experience of Maoism by the author, writes Sidharth Mishra

Affairs Of Transition

Pamela Mountbatten, the author of India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power, is the surviving daughter of the man chosen to lead India into Independence — dividing the country into two in the process.

The Lord God Made Them All
What the Second World War has been to the West, the Partition has been to South Asia.

Prayer Book

Sri Rama Prarthana has essential chants and prayers offered to Lord Rama.

Time To Kill

For those days when you have not been treated right and the whole world is against you, there is nothing like a good old fashioned murder to put the roses back in your cheeks.

Paris At Noon

The red brick buildings of Jawaharlal Nehru University loom with tales. Down the narrow corridor, the search is for Room 22.

From The Pages Of History

Scientist and acknowledged grand dame of Odissi (her dance in the Delhi Youth festival in 1954 providing the first Odissi exposure for non-Oriyas), Priyambada Mohanty Hejmadi’s book “Odissi” (Aryan Books International) is not a run- of-the-mill type.

Print Pick

At their best, speeches highlight the concerns of the times and inspire a nation to great acts.

Software Quality And Car Racing

Change four tyres, add more than 80 litres fuel, tweak the car for better efficiency, clean the windshield, clear debris from the front grill, and give the driver water.

Our Own Potter!

For those who have not read them it is difficult to understand the hype and hoopla surrounding the Harry Potter series of books.

The Right's Wrongs

Published on May 15 this year, this book makes a timely appearance.

Short On Substance

Alex Von Tunzelmann read modern history at Oxford and has delved into the archives in London and New Delhi.

An Era Of Vision

In April 1985, the well-known journal Nature ran an editorial titled "Self-reliance means self-denial", welcoming the new policy of liberalisation of import of technology by India under the new government headed by Rajiv Gandhi.

Superstar Dhasal

There is nothing that can quite describe the sensation of reading the poetry of Namdeo Dhasal.

A Quiet Escape

For almost a week now, newspapers have written reams and reams about the seventh and last Harry Potter book.

Have Some Time To Kill?

For those days when you have not been treated right and the whole world is against you, there is nothing like a good old fashioned murder to put the roses back in your cheeks.

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