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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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From July 12, 2007 to July 18, 2007

Swadeshi Is Not Against Imports, Investments

My understanding of swadeshi goes far beyond narrow considerations. To me, swadeshi means making India economically self-reliant and strong, making India economically secure.

Us Indian’s Iraq Book Gets Award

An acc-ount of life in Baghdad’s reen Zone by a journalist of Indian origin was on Monday selected as the winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction in 2007.

Hinduism Painted Black

This voluminous book makes for an interesting and indignant reading. Interesting, because it exposes the fallacious interpretation by American scholars of Hinduism, its numerous facets and their manifestation in ways that are beyond the ken of some.

Towards A Brain-Force Economy

It wasn’t the invention of the computer that triggered a great 21st century transformation, says Peter Fingar.

A View From North Block

Memoir relating the inside story of the reforms and the opposition that tried to derail the process.

Multifaceted Actor

Kazhchayum Vaayanayum — Study: Bipin Chandran — Editor; DC Books, DC Kizhekemuri Edam, Good Shepherd Street, Kottayam-686001. Rs. 150.

Devotional Work

This work by the saint-poet Surdas belongs to our ancient cultural heritage. These songs were composed in the Braj Bhasha dialect, which is regarded as Krishna’s own language.

Encyclopaedia In Tamil

For over two centuries, the role played by Encyclopaedia Britannica in nourishing human knowledge with authentic and exhaustive information cannot be overemphasised.

Despatches From Pakistan

Reflections on the author’s eventful three-year journalistic stint in Pakistan.

Forgiving Goddess

The Original with the Sanskrit commentary of Tirukudanthai T.S.S. Raghavabhatrachariar, the Tamil commentary of Kidambi M. Rajagopalachariar and the editor, V. N. Vedanta Desikan’s Tamil & English explanation: Pub.

Saving A Precious Natural Heritage

Birds occupy a special place in our lives. They are among the most popular groups of animals. Given the diversity of birds — there are some 10,000 species of them worldwide —

Muslim Identity In The Public Sphere

The unfolding of the series of terrorist strikes during the post- 9/11 period has made interpretation of Muslim identity inexorably problematic at the popular as well as the scholarly level.

Body Solstice

Hosseini may not make memorable characters but he does tell memorable tales. Yet this is thinner gruel, less fully realised and less satisfying than the last.

A Many-Stringed Instrument

Challenges of India's pluralism, forces undermining it, and liberal public culture as a riposte.

Potter Across The Pond

New British prime minister Gordon Brown has called J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter opus his nation’s “greatest export.”

In Wonder Land

With its inclusion in the new seven wonders of the world, there’s no better time to brush up on the Taj Mahal . . . .

Harry, Digested

On his 11th birthday, Harry Potter learns that he comes from a magical family and is to attend Hogwarts, a magic school.

Tribute To The Revolutionary

Bhagat Singh's martyrdom at an early age of 24 is a well-known fact. But how many of us are aware of his intellectual depth? And how many know what he wanted to convey through the term, "Long Live Revolution"?

Upholding Dangerous Ideas

In the early 1980s, as a lecturer at the largest Indian school in Dubai, I saw within our school premises a five-foot statue of Mahatma Gandhi installed in the playground.

From Red Tape To Green!

This book shows how the Ministry for Environment and Forests is favouring industrial growth over environmental concerns! . . . . .

'Seasons In The Sun'

Alex James's account of his years of rock star excess, 'A Bit of a Blur', delights Leonie Cooper.

Coming Home To The Limberlost

This tale about a one-armed orphan, who finds a home and people to love, is a classic that warms the heart.

Broken Images Of Everyday

The scenes in this book are snapshots of daily life in Patna offered with sensitivity, often movingly and without comment.

Strange Bedfellows

Without Hillary, Bill was helpless and without Bill, Hillary felt she could not achieve her political ambitions, writes MV Kamath.

In Search Of Excellence

Twelve years is a long time for an institution to understand and assess the purpose of pursuing an art form.

The Story Of The Eye

Behind the Great Traditions of Art, there often stands a Little Tradition, distinguished by its unique history of the inner eye.

Read Between The Lines

“One of the pleasures of reading J.K. Rowling is discovering the playful references to history, legend and literature that she hides in her books”.

Management Guru

K.S.Chandrasekar is the winner of the Best Business Academic, 2006. It was the passion for teaching that propelled this 39-year-old ‘industry-tuned academician’, as he would like to be called, into academics.

Tale Of The Times

Sixteen books in almost 20 years. Prolific – best describes Loveleen Kacker, for the lady is not even a full-time writer.

Flavours Of Love

Stumbling upon her late mother’s recipe collection, Bina Thadani shares it with the public.

Ethics In The Epic

There is an old Bengali saying which roughly translates as “what is not in the Mahabharata is not in Bharata.”

First Light

This book is a refreshing addition to the literature on the Bengal Renaissance. More importantly, it offers a new way to examine this particular epoch.

Magnum India

The homely Bengali saying that you don’t need a mirror to see the bracelet on your wrist comes repeatedly to mind ploughing through these 900 pages.

Confessions Of The Real Yashwant

Yashwant Sinha cannot be faulted if he has not heard of Lord Mancroft. He would, however, find a study of Lord Jowitt very instructive.

Nehru's Notes

The first Prime Minister's notes of 50 years ago are still relevant.

Global Finance First

Within the realm of the economy, the fastest-growing segment is finance, in the broad sense of the term.

Military 'Invasion'

Civilians not allowed," read a sign on the window of a restaurant in Quetta, which defence analyst Ayesha Siddiqa visited in 1996.

Yashwant Sinha On He Bjp

The destruction of the Babari Masjid and the crisis in which it has plunged the nation is the sordid finale of the vote bank politics which has come to afflict democracy in this country... .

Books All The Way

Parragon Publishing India joins hands with Disney Books to publish its titles.

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