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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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From June 07, 2007 to June 13, 2007

But Not For The People

This book is a characteristically clear and trenchant critique of the current parliamentary system.

Fresh Print

In the years following independence, Shankar’s Weekly carved for itself a unique niche in India’s media history.

Activism On The Shore

Susan Visvanathan’s new novel is the story of Magda and Yesu, two young people growing up in a fishing village in Kerala.

Titan Of The Golden Era Of Film Music

I am reminded of an apocryphal story once narrated to me by a gemmologist. A layman once showed him his collection of pearls and wondered at what price he could sell it.

The Marginalised People

History, Myth, legends and folklore are intermingled in this fictionalised account of a marginalised community. While sifting grain one has to remove the chaff, and the novelist considers these tribal societies as chaff, and hence the title for the book.

A `Warts And All' View Of Indian Science

An insider account of how S&T policies and institutions were designed, and the people who made it possible.

Conservation Of The Big Cat

An anthology compiled from non-fiction sources on the big cat by an eminent tiger scientist and conservationist.

A Case For Inclusion

Commentary on pre-reforms economic development in the context of widening inequalities.

Striving For Perfection

This Insightful and inspiring book brought out wonderfully with line drawings and choice words in the blurb would make one feel that it is better to reach for the stars of perfection and fail than to have no purpose in life.

Sweetly Through The Covers

A long dead British hack once made a distinction between ‘cricket writers’ and ‘writers on cricket’. Cricket writers pay careful attention to statistics and technique, to the number of runs a batsman scores and the strokes he uses to make them.

Here Are The Facts...

This collection brings the best of a rare poetic sensibility to the issues that concern us. If there are poems that don't work or falter, the ones that do compensate well enough.

A Few Stolen Moments

These stories do not burst upon you with an eclat, for there's nothing to flaunt there, rather they sort of steal upon you, leaving you with a faint, almost elusive, shock of recognition.

Economy Is Much Like The Atmosphere

A closed system, everything is connected in the world economy and every action by an individual instantly affects everyone else.

Tabloid Need Not Be Frivolous

The book is a result of frustration and helplessness. At the same time, it is a product of the writer's affection for the nation and its people.

One Millennium Of Unease

This book is not a generalised comment on the Hindu-Muslim equation. Nor is it a deliberate imposition of the inanely saccharine idea that everything was hunky dory between the two communities until the British came and vitiated our oh-so-innocent minds.

Realist, But Deceptive

The supernatural seldom fails to fascinate. At first glance, Anjana Basu's Black Tongue - it is the Kolkata-based advertising consultant's second novel - seems designed to cash in on that appeal.

Forwarding A Lost Cause

JN Dixit was a prolific writer. As a diplomat, he wrote on almost all the areas where he had worked in his long career.

Laying Bare

Lorraine Adams delves into author Karen Connelly's book and finds a secret passage into the mind of the incarcerated prisoner.

Treading Water

Amitabha Bagchi’s Above Average— a no-fuss, understated take on life in an IIT and after— is a default candidate for comparisons.

A Biographical Treat

This book, supported by black and white photographs, is a wealth of information on Tibet, politics, Buddhism and the Dalai Lama.

'Keeper Of The Verse'

Life kindles the flame of poetry, the poet as the ‘wick’ burns to shed warmth and light”.

Traditions And Individual Talent

A revisiting and a revival of traditions: this seemed to be the presiding theme of two successive exhibitions at Gallery Kanishka’s. Bhaskar Mukherjee’s Rooted in Realism, which concluded on June 2, featured a series of ink on . . . .

In Stirring Colours

In the context of the first, the name that comes to mind is Siraj Saxena. His three vertical canvases experiment with beguiling configurations in applying the paint — in this case oil and acrylic — to insinuate topographic and tonal variations.

Bones Minus The Flesh

Why would anyone want to compress Ibsen’s masterpieces into ninety minutes or less? The éminence grise of modern drama meticulously chiselled them into such jewels that condensation amounts to just getting the plots right, and sacrifices the depth . . .

Where Are The Apples?

Just as everyone is eating more pizza and panini at home than paratha or pakoda, Karen Anand’s latest series of books too feature a slice of the global food we are all consuming today.

Book That Builds Bonds

Inspired by a school project, Polaris has come up with “Hum,” a family manual that helps people connect with their relatives.

The Best Sellers!

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

Someplace New

“The book is the central character here”. We are lucky she feels that way because she is speaking of the spanking new Oxford Book Store on Trichy Road that she runs along with her husband Rajeev Kamineni.

Print Pick

Ruskin Bond’s Book of Verse brings together the poetry of one of India’s best-loved writers. This charming collector’s edition is a treasury of poems on love and nature, travel, humour and childhood, and will be a lasting source of delight to readers.

What’s Cooking?

Karen Anand’s latest series of books feature a slice of the global food we are all consuming today.

Evasion Of Cag Audit

State audit in its present from was introduced for the first time in the UK in 1866, thanks to the missionary zeal of the then Finance Minister, writes B. P. Mathur in Government Accountability and Public Audit (uppalbooks@vsnl.net).

Where Are The Apples?

Karen Anand says her recipes target young people on the move who turn away from the kitchen and reach out for the nearest takeaway number.

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