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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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From May 24, 2007 to May 30, 2007

Scholar-Poet Of 16th Century

Muthevi Ravindranath; Peacock Books, G14, Pragati Enclave, Bhagyanagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072. Rs. 500.

How To Reverse Organisational Decline

While price competition is an important external cause for downfall, the internal culprit can often be organisational inertia, which in turn leads to `slow responsiveness to the changes in the environment', says Turnaround Excellence by Sunil Kumar . . .

Pancharatra Agama Work

Tamil translation without Sanskrit text by Srimushnam Srinivasachariar; Pub. by R. Vasudevan and R. Devarajan, Thane.

Portrait Of A Multifaceted Genius

This biography provides interesting insights into the man behind the name.

Eliminating Child Labour
Technically speaking, this book could be about the growth of an NGO, one of the many in progressive Tamil Nadu.

Uniform Civil Code And Gender Justice

Equal right for women in matters of marriage, separation, custody of children, inheritance and property is today understood as the rationale for a Uniform Civil Code.

Politics, Power And Society

A vigorous defence of politics, power relations, culture, and class analysis.

Costumes And Culture

Beetle wings dazzle between gold threads in a turban band. Genuine peacock feathers are used to embellish the plume of an embroidered peacock.

Pitching For Reality

Author Paro Anand on taboos in children’s literature.

The Case Of An Intuitive Writer

R. Gopalakrishnan’s “The Case of The Bonsai Manager” uses Nature to teach lessons on management.

A Class On The Move

Presents a complicated problem in a lucid way. Prashant Panjiar's accompanying photographs do their own telling.

Hitch On The India Ride

You sense that in the architect, there is a writer trying to get out. He needs to try harder.

A Riot Of Commemorating

The mutiny as seen through literature, folksong, missives and a canonical episode.

A Tribute To Bengal Craftsmen

In the Shadows salutes the enterprising spirit of unknown craftsmen of West Bengal. The book showcases six sets of craftsmen living in different parts of the state who are engaged in non-traditional craftsmanship.

Secularism From A Christian Perspective

There are some books that do not make it to the better known list because of the inability of publishers to push it through the crowded and competitive publishing world, but that definitely deserve to be in the spotlights.

Freedom Of Expression Under Constant Threat

In December 2003, a historian by the name of Shrikant Bahulkar had his face blackened by Shiv Sena activists.

Prelude To 1857

The fort at vellore in Tamil Nadu is today better known as the place from where imprisoned Tamil tigers escaped by digging a tunnel, leading an embarrassed government to totally close it to the public, thus relegating it further into obscurity.

Anger, Anguish And A Slice Of Hope

Shourie's new book interrogates a political system unequal to the needs of the new India.

Tireless Workers

So what do you do when you see an ant? Dismiss it without a second thought? Flick it with disdain, it might bite? Crush it, for the same reason or by a fatal error?

Each Fort Has A Story To Tell

At long last there is a book on Bundelkhand. Rita and Vijai Sharma deserve our congratulations. It is a labour of love to have authored this splendid coffee table book.

New Arrivals

This is a landmark book, of 126 articles published in the Indian Express, embodying the spirit of the nation and its hopes and dreams of a future in which each citizen feels truly empowered.

Comic Buffs Set To Honour Hergé

When the Belgian cartoonist known as Hergé died in March 1983, not even Fanny, his widow, thought the extraordinary success of Tintin would live on.

Mental Health

If women can think, it’s thanks to contraception and home help and suffragettes in pantalettes.

Rowling Donates $3 Million To Help Find Missing Brit Girl

Harry Potter author J K Rowling has donated an astounding $3 million dollars to a reward fund to ensure the safe return of a missing British girl.

Here Is The Alternative

Get ready to have “Omkara” between the covers, courtesy writer Stephen Alter.

The Truth About Ins Khukri...

Though the author creates a heart-warming tale, his attempt to understand what happened is very far from the truth, says Commander (Retd) B Bhushan, who was Commanding officer (CO) of INS Investigator when he was asked to probe the incident.

History In Letters

The book provides fresh insights into the developments surrounding Jammu and Kashmir.

Spring Collection

This debut collection of poems is a mosaic of sublime feelings expressed with great creative energy.

Behind The Veil

Khaled Hosseinis follow-up to The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, will not disappoint his many fans, says Natasha Walter.

Clutter On The Floor And Walls

Although Aakriti art gallery’s exhibition (May 5 to 15) of landscapes and contemporary Bengal sculpture in its two adjacent halls was more or less representative of current trends prevailing here, one wishes curator Prasanta Daw were more . . .

Conversations On The Right Note

Training in Hindustani classical vocals is not necessarily an advantage for a Rabindrasangeet singer, primarily because the meend-pradhan (dominated by gliding notes) gayaki of Tagore songs demands some amount of unlearning — or at least reworking . . .

The Epic Battle Continues
Some of the younger groups in Bengali theatre are fighting international and sectarian violence in unusual ways, keeping the flag of the movement’s political activism flying.

Human Form Divine

This is a finely written book, based on the study of a wealth of materials. The Mahabharata, the central theme of which was the battle of Kurukshetra, contained many episodes not directly connected with the battle, and the Bhagavad Gita was one . . . .

From The Heart Of Darkness

Lalita Tademy takes us on an unforgettable journey into the American Deep South, set in the Reconstruction era.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Puffed Rice

The Table is Laid: The Oxford Anthology of South Asian Food Writing Edited by John Thieme and Ira Raja, Rs 595.

Words And Windows

At a thought provoking literary gathering at the Sahitya Akademi, Gopi Chand Narang, president of the Sahitya Akademi, introduced four Syrian writers, Abdul Kader Al-Hosni, Nezar Brik Hnidi, Mahmoud Ribdaoui and Musa Ibrahim . . . .

A Must For Managers

S. Ramachander’s new book, ‘Manager of Work: A practitioner’s guide to being the best’ was released recently.

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