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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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From May 10, 2007 to May 16, 2007

In Today's Global Competition, Government Is The Key

An understanding of government policies across the world is a must for business managers keen on knowing their competition, evaluating cross-border expansion, weighing risks of FDI, and anticipating exchange risks, says How Countries Compete, ruing . . .

Philosophical Discussion

Tamil translation by A. Siva Rao of the Hindi original by Swami Nischala Das; pub. by Sri Vasudeva Brahmendra Saraswati Swamigal Library Committee, 88, Pattamangalam Street, Mayiladuthurai-609001.. Price not mentioned.

Ballads On Maravar Community

This work is an ethnographical study on the Maravar community of Tamil Nadu which is traced back to the period of Pandya Kingdom.

Overcoming Domestic Violence

This book, though autobiographical in nature, reveals the rot that afflicts South Asian communities.

Reminder Of Unity In Diversity

What is it that has made Indian culture endure through millennia of internal changes and external aggressions?

Reconstructing The Heritage City

How would one rebuild a beautifully crafted city after a devastation?

India's Military History

A randomly selected events from the arrival of the East India Company to present day.

A Few Chapters From Follywood

Uninspired, unoriginal, sans cogent argument, this is anything but a comprehensive history of Bollywood.

Thereby Hangs A Tale

In September 1928, the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army was born in the ruins of Delhi’s Ferozeshah Kotla.

Tolkien, Q.E.D.?

For once, the paltry space Outlook grants its reviewers does not seem like a personal slight.

And Thereby Hangs A Tail

Go wild and explore the great outdoors with some irresistibly funny people who write on Nature.

Whose English Is It?

A tête-À-tête with author Jyoti Sanyal on his latest book.

History As Our Story

As Ramachandra Guha’s latest book hits the stands, he shares a glimpse of the wonder that is the Indian experiment, and the glory that is our unnatural nation.

Authors' Secrets

Books on two dissimilar personalities, who had little in common except that they both altered history and were men of heroic proportions.

Rationalising Imperial Conquest

The book is a devastating critique of the U.S. Empire-building project and its principal rationalisations.

Man Of Integrity

A fair appraisal of Archibald Wavell, who as Viceroy did his best to preserve India's unity.

Housing Catastrophe

The author brings us face to face with the consequences of decisions taken by those far removed from the stench and struggle of slum reality.

Past Perfect

As Ramachandra Guha’s latest book hits the stands, he shares a glimpse of the wonder that is the Indian experiment.

What’s Cooking

Gourmet-writer Tarla Dalal on her past, present and future.

Fresh Print

The day-to-day lives of ordinary women is what this collection of short stories explore.

Those Elder Days

Thirty-four years after Tolkien’s death, here is a new book, put together and edited by his son and literary executor Christopher Tolkien, that brings us a bleak story of evil and heroism set in the Elder Days.

Seven-Year Novels

It’s past noon and the temperature hovers around 42 degree Celsius. Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid has just spent his first three hours in Delhi — in India, in fact — registering at a police station.

Ever Green

When I first met Anil Agarwal in his office in the early ’90s, there were these bottles containing a brown liquid.

People's Voice In People's Language

Hindi language newspapers are witnessing revolutionary changes - mostly good with a few bad apples. 

Much Awaited And Deserved

It is an unusual book. A meticulously kept diary transforming into a story with glimpses of history.

Gestures Of Greatness

Type "Books on Mahatma Gandhi" on an Internet search engine and the response throws up no less than 1,500,000 sites! It's anybody's guess how many books there might be on offer at each site.

Uk Historian Pens New Book On 1857

A new book by a British academic offering a fresh alternative to popular accounts of the 1857 war of independence is just out.

Man Behind The Aura

He claims to be just an “ordinary monk” — a Nobel Peace Prize and unending comparisons to Mahatma Gandhi are just a few indicators to the contrary.

When Barbed Wires Bristled And Soldiers Paced The Land

Cross-currents of communal intolerance, along with the compulsions and consequences of religious fanaticism, find their place in Anita Rau Badami’s Can You hear the Nightbird Call?

Lost In A Tangle

D.B.C. Pierre’s Ludmila’s Broken English is, well, written in broken English. Perhaps this is exactly what the author intended, since his novel claims to be set in “post-modern”, translated as “post-post-f*****g-post” (whatever that means), times.

Two Of A Kind

This is a fine book, which is both scholarly and readable. It offers more than one dimension in its purview.

The City Of Many Parts

Bengalooru did not become Bangalore with a bang. After turning into “bruhat” it is now being renamed as Bengalooru!

No One Belongs To The Bordello

In his Introduction to this translation, Khushwant Singh quotes Khurshid Afsar Bisrani:

The Earth Is Split

A lucid, unerringly balanced and engaging short work that adds substantially to writings on Indo-Pak relations.

On Manhood

A timely book that deserves to succeed and help establish the ground rules for understanding masculinity in its various forms.

Do Accounting Standards Apply To Npos?

It is not unusual to find fixed assets recorded at a nominal amount of Re 1 in the balance-sheets of NPOs (not-for-profit organisations).

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