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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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From April 26, 2007 to May 09, 2007

Commentary On Brahmasutra

This book is a definitive edition of Sankara's commentary on the first five dhikaranas of the Brahmasutra with the commentary, Ratna-prabha of Ramanandayati (1600 A.D.) and with the hitherto unpublished super-commentary, Sri rishnacaranabhusana . . .

Anthology Of Stories

Three Decades are a long time span for a writer to evolve and to transform his style and idiom.

Documenting Human History

This BooK, a translation of Chris Hurman's work, presents the history of people right from the ancient times to modern times and talks about industrial revolution, about how aristocracy found itself overthrown by bourgeois revolution . . . .

Monograph On Tamil Poet

This book is a monograph on the life and letters of the great Tamil savant V.G. Suryanarayanasastriar (1870-1903) who out of deep love for his mother tongue rendered his name into pure Tamil as Parithi (surya), Maal (narayana), Kalaignar (sastriar).

Lesser Known Artist

Jhupu Adhikari inhabited the two ends of Indian art — commercial and fine — with rare panache and perhaps this versatility and his reticence make him one of India's lesser-known artists.

Memories Of The Vietnam War

It captures the varied aspects of the epic struggle against imperialism.

Elementary Education: Road Ahead

One half of India is certainly not shining, let alone poised for "a glorious tomorrow", as it continues to stay educationally challenged, with a large number of its school-age children still remaining out of school.

Tales From Economic Hit Men

The game of Economic Hit Men has just got more complex, the corruption more pervasive, but their operations more fundamental to the world economy and politics, says John Perkins who returns with his EHM in `A Game As Old As Empire'.

The Yogi Who Became A Bhogi
For the benefit of those who have not heard of Bikram Choudhury: he is the Richard Branson of yoga.

Between The Broadsheets
To regular readers of Sevanti Ninan’s media columns it would come as no surprise that she has written such an excellent and eminently readable book on the burgeoning growth of Hindi newspapers across northern India during the last 15 years that . . . .

Fresh Print
Sharada is 18 and wakes up on Onam day to find out that her much loved father Narayanan Nair has committed suicide.

An Engaging War Diary
Whichever way we choose to define it, conflict has become germane to the lives of South Asian nations. Subcontinental politics remains mired in various hues of conflict with very real and terminating impact on its people.

Theocons And Theocrats
According to Phillips, the
United States faces three major perils in the 21st century: Reckless dependence on shrinking oil supplies, reliance on borrowed money and religion getting increasingly radicalised. Americans are slowly moving . . . .

Passionfruit Melba
A heady combination of love, betrayal, mystery and adventure, this book has it all...

Treadmill Stuff Amid Violence
They say one must never judge a book by its cover. One must read it from the first word to the last before reaching any conclusion.

Inscrutable Ali
‘The Accidental’ has an ethereal, literary quality, dealing with suffering, public poses and private realities.

The Ploy And Plot Of It All
The author suggests more than she states and leaves the reader groping to make connections.

Gambling With Words

Sarah Fay delves into Daniel Alarcón’s latest offering and discovers a novel that lacks dramatic punch but still challenges the reader.

High And Dry

The author prefers to leave the climax to the reader to unravel. A ploy that may not work for some.

Time To Protest Vociferously

About 250 years ago, Thomas Robert Malthus had predicted that human population has a tendency to increase in geometrical progression while the means of subsistence will increase in only an arithmetical progression.

Beat Street

The multi platinum act returns with their third studio album. Co-produced by Mike Shinoda and 2007 Grammy Producer of The Year Rick Rubin (U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run DMC), Minutes to Midnight was recorded at Laurel Canyon and is already being . . .

A Royal Story

"History is being distorted. It is a big challenge for people like me to preserve it and make sure that the right and true knowledge is passed on to the coming generation," said Lakshman Singh Rathore at the launch of his . . . .

A Matter Of Rare Ability

It is not unusual for an editor in Britain or in the United States of America to tamper with a writer’s manuscript.

Hurdles On The Path Of Learning

Politics of Minority Educational Institutions — Law and Reality in the Subcontinent Edited by Tahir Mahmood, Imprint, Rs 495.

Old Story In A New Light

The year, 1857, proved to be a milestone in the history of both Britain and India. In May, the Bengal army turned against its colonial masters.

After The Storm

The mysterious bay islands of india, pre and post tsunami (Rebati Raman Bera, Rs 1200) is a collection of photographs, with densely informative texts, taken and compiled by Tilak Ranjan Bera.

As Music Healed And Restored

It has been light at the end of the tunnel for Shanti Mahesh, whose every nerve throbs with music.

Inflows Can Turn Out To Be Outflows

Many developing countries actively woo foreign investment into domestic enterprises.

Print Pick

Mumbai-based telecaster Taz Dhar receives a letter written by a stranger moments before his execution.  

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