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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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From March 22, 2007  to March 28, 2007

A Food Revolution Is Apace

Dedicated to `smallholders in South Asia who face a challenge, and an opportunity, from diversifying diets and consolidating food and retail industries' is Agricultural Diversification and Smallholders in South Asia, even as Handbook of Agriculture . . .

Novel On Class Struggle

Chinnappa bharathi is known for the depth of his novels in Tamil based on the class struggle.

Understanding Gandhiji

Different interpretations of the Mahatma's views on myriad issues.

Enduring Tales

This Tresure trove of stories from mythology would delight the young and the old alike.

A Lesser Known Form Of Poetry

According to the well- established tradition of poetry, first rate poetry is marked by suggestiveness called Dhvani.

Manuscript Folklore

The title of this book might seem to suggest a spiritual theme, but this is infact a colourful and attractively produced coffee-table volume, rich with illustrations, about Indian manuscripts.

Indian Business History

The study of the evolution of Indian business is not merely fascinating in itself, but is also a useful preparation for a managerial career.

Culture And Colonialism

This book is a part of the series of collections of essays of eminent scholars that OUP has been bringing out from time to time.

Eating Less, Cooking Less

Anuradha Vashist's book is based on her own experience The usual excuse for eating fast food is in its catchy name: it's fast.

Of Boman's World

The mesmerising ambience with dims lights and ethnic wooden furniture was filled with the essence of love by author Boman Desai during the reading of his two books, "A Woman Madly in Love" and "Servant Master Mistress" recently at Attic in New Delhi.

Recounting The Days Of Terror

Nandita Haksar's book, "Framing Geelani, Hanging Afzal - Patriotism In The Time of Terror" hits the stands.

Free Your Mind

Architecture becomes V. Radhakrishnan's ideal backdrop for contemplations.

The Making Of A Dream

Bhawana Somaaya talks about writing the biography of actor Hema Malini.

A Time Of Quiet Desperation

March-end marks the end of the financial year. For Indian publishers, this is the last opportunity to clear stock that has accumulated over time to libraries that are as keen to exhaust their budgets in case they are penalized for non-utilization.

Numbers Hold The Key

Qaiser Mohammad Ali should be complimented for coming out with an excellent statistical survey concerning the on-going cricket World Cup in the West Indies.

Double Jeopardy

India has been facing threats from Islamic insurgents since Independence. In the course of this book, Sashanka S. Banerjee, a retired diplomat, charts the multidimensional security challenges in front of India, and New Delhi’s response to them.

Selling Dreams

It is 3.30 in the morning, sometime in 1968. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, aeons away from the Indian presidency, arrives in Delhi to meet the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Vikram Sarabhai. Kalam has known Sarabhai for sufficient time to stop . . .


Tushar A. Gandhi’s monumental “chronicle” of the Mahatma’s “last days, the conspiracy, murder, investigation and trial” is a product of satyagraha, the philosophy that has become synonymous with his great-grandfather.

Labour Of Love

Pankajaksha's book on sculptures in Karnataka is exhaustive.

Print Pick

 Boshi Sen did his country proud as one of its foremost agricultural scientists, helping the advent of the Green Revolution.

Degrees Of Change

This is almost a slide-by-slide telling of the argument made in former American vice- president Al Gore’s film of the same name.

The Story Of Mohandas

This book frees Gandhi, the person, from his images and presents his life honestly.

A Historical Fiction Of Sorts

In its exploration of the colonialist and the colonised, the novel is a bravura account of the hybridisation of cultural identities.

A Clutch Of Plays

Family dramas, a few secrets and tales of survival are the substance of these plays.

The Great Unread

Books by Rushdie, Clinton and Beckham are among those most often left unfinished, claims a survey. Paul Lewis and John Ezard explain why...

Child Of The Night

Every now and then you come across a novel so honest that it leaves you gasping for breath like a blow to the solar plexus.

We Are Immortality's Children

Hindus, argues Golwalkar, were the immortal, divine children of this land. The Rigveda had announced this to the world? The divinely chosen children of the land could not endure its being divided.

Get The Ego Advantage

This is the most comprehensive family guide to health, the natural way. In this book, author explains the details and benefits of a variety of natural therapies.

The World Of Rave

A phone call confirms the date. The place is still a secret. The next day, an email arrives giving the time and the location. A scanned image of a roughly scrawled map is in the attachment.

When A Terrorist Goes To Court

At first it seems odd to find a man branded as a terrorist roaming the corridors of the highest court in the land.

Flashback Of A Rape Accused

Indian designer Anand Jon who has been accused of rape in America was once a loathed superstar in Chennai. Manu Joseph was in college with him.

How I Made The Namesake

If it weren't for photography, I wouldn't be a filmmaker. Every film I make is fuelled by photographs.

An Inconvenient Life

When life is all about having everything, you wouldn't want to waste time racking your brains about the perils of global warming.

The Taxi Drivers Of New York

At the centre of Biju Mathew's riveting account of the yellow taxicab industry in New York and the immigrant drivers, the majority of them Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis, is an obscure object of desire called the "medallion".

As Shrinks Go, He's Cool

Honestly, I feel a bit foolish. Before Gone, Jonathan Kellerman has written 19 earlier Alex Delaware books, clocking them in regularly once a year since 1985.

Hallowed Portrait

More than just an IIT memoir—a sensitive coming-of-age account. Lovely set pieces, but no central character does anything to grab the reader.

A Babe In The Bollywoods

A mushy start, an incomplete triangle. All we have is a juicy, wide-eyed romp through filmdom's leftovers.

The Importance Of Being Ashok Mitra

This is the English version of the author’s biographical narrative, Apila-Chapila, originally serialised in Bengali journal Desh.

Excess Baggage

Priya Basil scavenges an olla podrida from the literary ragbag. Like love and smell, talent, or a lack of it, can't be hidden.

Portrait Of A Writer

Thomas Keneally is the two-time winner of Australia’s prestigious Miles Franklin award. He received the Booker prize for his Schlinder’s Ark in 1982.

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