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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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From March 15, 2007  to March 21, 2007

Indian Values In A Foreign Land

The travails of settling down in another country and the experiences of the Indian diaspora have

been favourite themes of Indo-Anglian writers. While Sivasankari's Portable Roots may not fall into

the category of Indo-Anglian writing . . .

This Asterisk Has No Fine Prints

Koenraad Elst's 'new' books, Asterisk in Bharopiyasthan and Return of the Swastika, are filled with

reproductions of extensive quotes from his own earlier writings and opinions, which in turn might

themselves be quotations of still earlier quotations.

Building Columns In The Fourth Estate

If Chidambaram's book is any indication, a politician should resist the temptation to turn into a full-

ime columnist, writes MV Kamath.

Well-Loved Stars And What They Eat

A celebration of the spirit and vibrancy of Bollywood paying homage to the sumptuous food India is

famous for . . .

Against All Odds

THIS IS an unusual narration of a student about the difficulties he faced for getting college

education. The experiences are varied and miserable, with hard physical labour and discouragement

and abuse from various quarters.

Philosophical Essays

This book is introduced with a second title as the "Philosophical Essays of Gnani", well known as

Kovai Gnani or Ki. Palanisamy.

Computers With Emotions, Bikes With Penguin Contours

The new biology is humanity's future, when innovations will be inspired by living things, says Robert

Frenay in Pulse. Tony Davila et al discuss seven innovation rules in Making Innovation Work. And,

Shivanand Kanavi documents, in Research by . . .

Documentary On Gandhiji

The Making of a Documentary: A. K. Chettiar; Edited and introduced by A.R. Venkatachalapathy;

translated from the Tamil by S. Thillainayagam; Orient Longman Pvt. Ltd., 160, Anna Salai, Chennai-

00002. Rs. 375.

A Myth That Became A Classic

Indian cinema has always revelled in costume dramas and extravaganzas. Not only myth and legend,

mythicised history has been its regular source of romance.

Not Yet A Lost Cause

Secularism in Asia and Eastern Europe which have histories of multiculturism and religious strife.

Pre-Book Your Potter

Ahead of the July 21 release of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Crossword has

special offers. The bookstore offers its customers a chance to pre-book a copy of the seventh and

final book.

Sarnath's Wondrous Capers

`The dark armpits of history' turned out to be rather fascinating. Or maybe it's just artist-writer-

ilmmaker Sarnath Banerjee's way of telling stories.

Ferment Within

A clutch of books looking at traditions of intellectual debate in Islam and locating them in the modern


Human Rights In India

A significant contribution to the human rights debate in the Indian context.

Deconstructing Hindutva

A well-researched study of the politics of Hindutva.

Engrossing Fare

A series of first-person narrativestake the plot forward without pause. Driven by emotionally charged

encounters between individuals on the one hand and unexpected collisions between individuals and

society on the other, the volume shows us . . .

Haute Cuisine

Food is a metaphor that reflects society, say the writers of the book , `Food Design' . . .

Not Good History

Former Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar's book on his country's foreign policy gives short shrift

to any viewpoint other than Pakistan's.

Book Reading

To celebrate the publication of "The Barn Owl's Wondrous Capers," a graphic novel by of Sarnath

Banerjee, Penguin Books India and Landmark joint present "The Barn Owl's Abandoned Opera", a

performance based on the book by Navin Jayakumar . . .


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