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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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From February 08, 2007  to February 14, 2007

Picture Perfect

Slender fingers caressing the body of a hollow piece of wood, lips pursed at its one extreme, eyes focused on an infinite beyond, the forearm and the instrument and the upper torso constituting the familiar triangle — the picture could be that of . . .

Fresh Print

Mirage, which has been translated from the Tamil original Thoorathu Pachai by the author herself, introduces you to the world of indentured labourers from India working on the tea plantations in Sri Lanka as seen through the eyes of young Valli.

Tales From Arabia

Arabic literature has a magnificent tradition. But the forces of conservatism were strong and its contact with modernism has been limited.

Perennial Wisdom Of The Gita

More than 400 books based on the Bhagavad Gita have already been published in Malayalam.

The Second World War

Wars have left deep scars in the minds of the people. Kings, dictators, political leaders, military commanders have all started wars.

Mystical Work

Tirumular's Tirumandiram is a treasure trove since this text deals extensively with philosophy, religion, morality, Tantra and Yoga.

A Dream That Came True

Chronicle of how Padukone became a world champion in badminton.

Commentary On Sankara's Work

The principal works of Sankara have been interpreted, elucidated, defended, and summarised from time to time by several preceptors of Advaita.

Can Civil Society Deliver?

A reminder of a widespread perception of a global collapse of confidence in politics and the state.

Law And Media Freedom

This collection of essays makes a strong case that Indian law has failed to move with the times.

Lord's Truncated Vision

Lord Meghnad Desai's Rethinking Islamism displays gross ignorance about the basic tenets of Islam and its history.

All Shikaris Get Hunted Down
Demystified, Hulson Sahib emerges less of a romantic and more a hunter who feasted on Garhwal's bounty.

`The Hypothetical Purchaser' Is `Endlessly Wealthy'

In this season of mega deals, valuation is the flavour. Get a taste this in The Valuation of Businesses, Shares and Other Equity.

The Song Of Immortality

Dharma is religion. Karma is fatalism. Brahminism is Hinduism. Varna is caste. Prana is breath. Lingam is phallus.

Adam's Raj Ribs

Clapham's "perspectives", enriched by Mario's inimitable caricatures, capture the enduring romance of India—and, for that matter, the old Raj.

The Many Facets Of Satyajit Ray

This collection of essays on master filmmaker, Satyajit Ray, deal with specific aspects of his films.

History’s First Draft

The author’s voice is all the more relevant because he has been witness to the nuances of history.

One Small Step For Woman...

Convicted and gang-raped for a crime that was never committed, she woke up a nation with her fight for justice.

‘Fastest Selling Book Of All Time’

Diehard fans will be planning just how they can get to the head of the queue at midnight on July 21, the date set for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the series.

Potter To Return

First came the title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, then came the date of the release of the book: July 21, 2007, and now comes the helpline:

Double Whammy

Pottermania returns with the last book to be released in July.

Rising From Below

At times, myths can give a new meaning to reality. Collective memory and group consciousness are also capable of developing new, unexpected cultural forms.

Written In Blood

Kirpal Dhillon, the author of this book, has held many important posts. He was the director of the police (training) in the home ministry, as well as the joint director of the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Books And Bytes Together

Advanced computer hardware and high-speed broadband internet connections are now an integral part of the book world.

Endless Talk

When Simone de Beauvoir fell in love with Jean-Paul Sartre in 1929, she believed that she had found herself in him. “Oh Jean-Paul, dear Jean-Paul, thank you,” gushed the 21-year-old Beauvoir in her journal.

In Search Of A Lost City

Despite a dissuasive title, this exploration of the “secret” history of Paris skilfully avoids the clichéd traps of folklore, violence and romance.

Print Pick

A journey out of India is a touching memoir, which describes the author's life experiencing the joys of growing up in a world of affluence followed by a period of privation.

Those Invisible Influences

What is "morphic resonance"? British biologist and author explained his theory while introducing his books in the city.

Motifs With A Motive

Illustrator Sonali Biswas tells AMRITA TALWAR about her work for Geeta Dharmarajan's latest children's book.

Moral Of The Story Is...

Of three Tamil books for children We must pique children's interest in the language by using words they are familiar with

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