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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


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From February 01, 2007  to February 07, 2007

Book Awards
The nominees for the Hutch Crossword Book Award 2006 have been announced.

Verses For The Soul

Mary Nirmala's maiden collection of poems, `The Soul Catches Fire' was recently published.

Easy Way Out

And Sunshine Follows The Rain was a disappointing play.

International Book Festival

The 2nd DC International Book Fair and Cultural Fest 2007 is underway at Marine Drive Ground.

The Nuclear Debate

Karsten Frey's book offers a comprehensive and fine analysis of the debate in India on whether or not to make the bomb.

Jaswant's Progress

He makes assertions on well known episodes that are palpably, demonstrably untrue and makes them with supreme assurance.

'The Real Gandhi'

Rajmohan Gandhi, journalist, author, scholar and biographer, now teaches at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Brand Bangalore

Insights into the business practices that have turned a pair of Bangalore-based technology companies into respected global brands.

Out To Motivate

Anuj Khare on his latest book `Mercedes & The Missing Clock' and more.

Devotional Work

Sri Kavyakantha Ganapathimuni in Sanskrit; Pannala Radhakrishna Sarma — Tr. in Telugu; Pub. by Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai-606603. Rs. 175.

Conservation Of The Tiger

Iyarkai Varalarum Paramarippum: K. Ullas Karanth; S. Theodore Baskaran — Tr. in Tamil; Kalaichuvadu Pathippagam, 669, K. P. Road, Nagercoil-629001. Rs. 90.

Global Green Advocacy

Articles on the evolution of international environmental law and policy.

Desika's Hymn

Lord Varadaraja, the presiding deity at the temple on the elephant-hill in Kancheepuram is believed to have influenced the lives of the preceptors Nathamuni, Yamunacharya and Ramanuja profoundly in laying a firm foundation for Visishtadvaita as . . .

An Artist's Perspective Of Social Issues
Yehudi Menuhin was more than a violinist. Like himself, he wanted other artists also to involve in political and social issues.

A Window On Caste Prejudice
This book is part autobiography and part a university lecture series. A. N. Sattanathan became a household name in Tamil Nadu when the DMK Government appointed him as the Chairman of the first Backward Classes Commission in 1969, nearly 14 years . . .

Media And The Law

An examination of the legal dimensions of the rights and the responsibilities of the media.

All Fun And Games

This book is ideal for light reading. It offers little in the way of substance but entertains still.

If Tomorrow Comes...

After nanotechnology and global warming, Crichton dips into the petridish of genetic engineering to bring up some real gooey stuff!

A Gut-Wrenching Masterpiece

Jha’s secular account of a communal carnage makes for some terribly disturbing reading.

Poems For Peace

Daisaku Ikeda, the foremost Buddhist philosopher and peace activist, crusades for an end to violence, war and oppression through the poems in this collection.

Sparrow’s New Song

The new edition of one of Salim Ali’s oldest and most read books includes over 50 paintings of birds.

Last Days Of Communist Party

China is like a movie out of sync. The sound track is the voice of the Communist Party telling us all is well, the nation is marching ahead, stable and harmonious.

Pain Refuses To Subside

When Partition took place and Pakistan came into being, murder and looting became the order of the day. But neither Punjab nor Bengal was handed over to Pakistan in toto.

Politics Of Language

Tariq Rahman makes a passionate case for reorganising Pakistan's provinces on linguistic lines, says G Parthasarathy.

Sex In The Land Of Kama Sutra

Vatsayana’s monumental effort notwithstanding, sex in the land of the Kama Sutra is still seen as an activity that is too embarrassing, and even ‘dirty’, to talk or write about.

Easy Way Out

And Sunshine Follows The Rain was a disappointing play .....

Unflinching Expressions

The collection leaves us wistful for an age that was; writers who were "ours".

Tales Of Woman Power

A collection of essays that celebrates the achievements of women of undoubted substance.

The Paradoxes Of Imagination
Blind Faith breaks many laws of credibility, sometimes very enjoyably.

Eighteen Miles Of Books

At first encounter, The Strand sounds like the bibliophile's ultimate walking tour, but it is, in fact, the ultimate coming-of-age.


"THE centenary of the Central Hotel in Darjeeling is of profound historical significance...

Out To Motivate

Anuj Khare on his latest book "Mercedes & The Missing Clock" and more.

Bestselling Author Sidney Sheldon Dies
Sidney Sheldon, a writer whose keen grasp of popular tastes fueled a string of feverishly romantic and suspenseful books that made him a perennial bestseller with millions of copies in print around the world, died on January 30. He was 89.

The Song Of Orpheus
Patrick Süskind’s famous novel, Perfume, had profound philosophical underpinnings and concerns.

Old Tales Revisited

Patriarchy has evolved in myriad forms through the ages.

God’S Gift To A Hack

A book of quotations is god’s gift to a hack. What greater joy than to embellish one’s prose with borrowed lines? A book of quotations is also the ill-read person’s saviour.

Madness And Empire

At nine in the morning, a tall, bearded man went up to the roof of a mosque in Chandni Chowk and drew his sword.

Many In One

By the 1680s, just a few decades after Shakespeare died in 1616, John Aubrey (of the Brief Lives) was being told by those who knew and remembered Shakespeare that the great playwright “was not a company keeper”.

A Tale Of Transformation

If even after 100 years, Maxim Gorky's Mother is just as compelling. The story of our own Annavru can never get boring.

And Jaswant Said 'Dumb, Dumb, Dumb'

More than a foreign correspondent's diary, this is an informed, evocative, honest view of India in the '90s.

Prada, She Wears Not

Drifts somewhere between bullet-pointed advisory and explanatory verbiage.

Partition Revisited

It is not dry history. It recalls men of flesh and blood, full of human frailties, enacting a Greek tragedy of immeasurable magnitude.

Facts Are Stranger!

"As 60 Years of Book Publishing in India" hits the stands, editor Dina N. Malhotra speaks to ANUJ KUMAR.

Those Invisible Influences

What is "morphic resonance"? British biologist and author explained his theory while introducing his books in the city.

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