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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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From January 25, 2007  to January 31, 2007

Partition Revisited

It is not dry history. It recalls men of flesh and blood, full of human frailties, enacting a Greek tragedy of immeasurable magnitude. The book really needs to be read widely.

That's A Melting Pot

Do you have the typical tongue that treats ragi mudde with bassaaru and paneer butter masala with kulcha with equal courtesy? How about cooking up a cosmopolitan fare in your own humble kitchen?


This book has been written primarily for the students of CA entrance. It has been revised and remodelled according to the CA Common Proficiency Test.

Quintessential Shourie

Lately Arun Shourie has been using his pamphleteering skills in aid of those seeking to dismantle the fragile social justice platform.

Commentarial Work

Based on the Vedas and nurtured by sages of yore such as Parasara, Vyasa and Bodhayana, Vaishnavism received a fillip with the advent of the Azhvars who popularised it among the masses with their mellifluous outpourings in Tamil, collectively . . .

Engagement With Dalit Feminism

First person accounts of Dalit women bringing alive the profound deprivation they faced and their struggles.

A Case For Increasing Urban Green Cover

Urban forestry became a buzzword in the 1980s, thanks to former Chief Minister R. Gundu Rao's conviction that increasing the tree cover in Bangalore is best handled by forest officers who were normally confined to managing and protecting reserve forests.

Reading Arundhati Roy

Not to have known Arundhati Roy argues yourself unknown. That she revels in stirring up a hornet's nest is a mild understatement.

Time For A Reality Check

In this book Stiglitz offers suggestions to steer globalisation in desirable directions.

Cfo Is `The Co-Pilot Of The Ceo'

The pressures are many for the Chief Financial Officer, especially in the areas of cost, regulation, governance, and information, says Cedric Read in Creating Value in a Regulated World.

Prada, She Wears Not

Drifts somewhere between bullet-pointed advisory and explanatory verbiage.

The Calendar Of Art

Perhaps, a second volume is needed to do justice to this fascinating subject.

And Jaswant Said 'Dumb, Dumb, Dumb'

More than a foreign correspondent's diary, this is an informed, evocative, honest view of India in the '90s.

God Makes The Rivers To Flow

This collection of sacred literature of the world, selected from the religious traditions of East and West, has the power to change your life.

What Not To Do

The book claims to reflect India as foreign tourists see her. Whether these reflections are valid is a big question.

Learning ‘Good’ In The Classroom

According to this book, true knowledge comes from an understanding of human values and not just passing exams.

Bangalore Salad

City? Citizen? Creative imagination? Take your pick. This book of short stories has it all as long as the word Bangalore features somewhere.

For Those With A Bad Case Of The Blues

If you're not a Blues fan, you might turn your nose up at this "rich (!) and colourful" 101-year-old history of the South London club. But go ahead, give it a shot.

A Treasure Trove Of Literature

These four books reflect the late author’s sensitivity, scholarship, considerable talent and humility.

An Insight Into Ancient Architecture

According to Aristotle, "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

Let Not The Flow Become A Trickle

Metro cities are defined as those with more than a million in population. In Class I cities, the number is one lakh or more.

Calling India; Come In India...

The book deals with tradition and modernity in a changing world with the call centre as background.

Mahatma, The Chosen One

Who should review a biography? People may have different opinions, but I have always believed that it should be done by someone having little knowledge of the person dealt with in the book.

Mother Can't Be Bloodthirsty

Indira Goswami's highly acclaimed novel, The Man from Chinnamasta, has recently been shortlisted for the Hutch Crossword Award.

Feynman In The Fridge, Marx In The Hall

These Mumbai bachelors would vibe with American Evan Esar. The 20th-century humourist captured their deepest fear in one line: "Most new books are forgotten within a year, especially by those who borrow them."

Never The Bride

Whatever happened to the bride of Frankenstein? The woman the mad scientist pieced together to be a companion to the monster he created? According to Mary Shelley's classic, she was destroyed by the scientist.

Welcome To The Real World

Carole Matthews, prolific writer of funny, frothy romances, dishes out another one. The characters in Welcome to the Real World are, however, a little different from your regular LBD or M&B kind.

Vijay Tendulkar Answers Some Questions

In a play-writing career spanning five decades, Vijay Tendulkar has written some 35 full-fledged plays and as many one-acts.

Journey To Nowhere

This omnibus, containing four books written by as many scholars in different times, provides a bird's eye view of the course of events that ultimately led to the tragic Partition of India in 1947, write Prafull Goradia and KR Phanda . . .

The Plateau Of Divinity

Through Legend and Lore Kishore Thukral; Mosaic Books, Price not mentioned.

Peeping Through The Steel Frame

Indian bureaucracy is unique in character, besides being one of the largest in the world.

Rainbow Story

"His paintings suggest a mythical landscape — paintings that might very well belong to a fairytale book," writes a critic about Haku Shah's paintings.

The Inheritor

Booker winner Kiran Desai at the just-concluded Jaipur Literary Festival.

Exploring The Old World

This is a posthumous collection of short stories that had been written by the author over a period of two decades. The first story, which is also the title of the book, is the last that the author wrote.

Tragedy Of Endless Errors

Raj Kamal Jha's novel begins on the night violence against Muslims by Hindus in Gujarat in 2002; over 1,000 Muslims were killed over a period of a few months by angry Hindu mobs in response to the massacre of 59 of their co-religionists on the . . .

League Of Gentlemen

Probably no other contemporary historian can hold a candle to BR Nanda as a biographer, for the simple reason that he is just a biographer, not a Marxist theoretician, not a Right-wing polemicist and certainly not a writer with an axe to grind.

That's A Melting Pot

Do you have the typical Bangalorean tongue that treats ragi mudde with bassaaru and paneer butter masala with kulcha with equal courtesy? How about cooking up a cosmopolitan fare in your own humble kitchen?

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