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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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From January 11, 2007  to January 17, 2007

Reader-Friendly Approach

A coffee-table book on Carnatic music that is neither simplistic nor technical.

The Magnificent Seven

How we chose the stalwarts who changed the course of Carnatic music.

A Much-Hyped Indian Thriller

When Ganesh Gaitonde discovers one of his henchmen h as betrayed him, it prompts a typically sanguinary response.

Novel Experiment

Now read Sherlock Holmes in Tamil! How will Sherlock Holmes say, "Elementary, my dear Dr. Watson" in Tamil? To learn more about that, you will have to read Manjari, the monthly Tamil magazine.

A Lucky Mistake

In November 1939, both the democratic Western powers and Nazi Germany were shocked when the Soviet Union invaded Finland.

No Full Stops In Babur’s Samarkand

All kinds of books are written, published and sold. Some exceed even the expectations of the writer and publisher because of the fashion of the times. Others are left to languish in the bookshelves for not moving on with the times.

Winged Voyager

For laymen, as Tara Gandhi points out in her comprehensive introduction to this anthology of his shorter writings, the name of Salim Ali has become synonymous with the birds of India.

Guided To Succeed

Senior academics have always scoffed at ‘made-easies’ or guides but they continue to grow in number and have become an important adjunct of the backlist that sustains scholarly books.

Indian Potpourri

Economists, even those who are winners of the Nobel Prize, are rarely writers of dazzling prose. Amartya Sen is an exception, and he proves it in his collection of irresistible essays.

The Year, Between Covers

As "South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book 2007" hits the stands, editor Harjeet Singh tells ANUJ KUMAR what makes it special .

A Ringside View

Dev Anand's memoirs will be published this year.


For officers in the Indian Administrative Services, an elite few selected from among a few hundred thousand candidates in a year, such situation lurk right around the corner every day as do furtive mind games and power struggles, unexpected transfer . ..

Multifaceted Personality

K. BALAKRISHNAN (1924-84) burst upon the scene as a fiery student leader in the 1940s. A powerful speaker, he could hold any audience spellbound. As an editor he commanded the loyalty of a generation of readers.

On The Wings Of Freedom

This novel, which received the first prize in a competition held by the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), truly deserves the accolades and rave appreciation it has received and can be hailed as a `landmark' in the genre of Telugu novel.

Novel In Translation

This Book, which is a Tamil translation of Mukundan's Malayalam novel `Haridwaril Mani Muzhagunnu' deals with a young bachelor Rameshan Panicker who has a good job in Delhi.

Spectre Of Exclusion

Analyses the dimensions of deprivation in Uttar Pradesh amidst no sign of a let-up.

Status Of The Girl Child

Papers documenting the status of the girl child in the Asian region.

Memoirs Of A Fearless Critic

This book is a biography of the art critic Subbudu by young Lada Guruden Singh.

Cultural Crossover

Documents the musical and cultural history of the classical Hindustani stringed instrument sarod.

When Power Subverts The Law

Two seminal books question the possibility of international criminal justice in a unipolar world.

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