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Thursday, November 09,  2006


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 From November 03,  2006 - November 09, 2006

After The Falls
Here I am in remotest northern Peru, hard on the trail of the world’s third-largest anticlimax.

Meditative Cadence
With its leisurely pace,
Tuscany has been called a paradise for exile.

The Hidden Valley
Once out of Gangtok, the mountainscapes are wild and beautiful... look out for valleys that take your breath away.

Eco-Tourism Takes Its Toll
Unbridled development destroying pristine surroundings Eco-tourism is taking its toll on the forests and landscapes of the State.

In The Green And Quiet
If your company is running out of venues for a meeting and some merry making, Winter Greens in Chikmagalur is not a bad idea.

Get Rocked In The Cradle
What happened to the universe post-Big Bang? When did planet earth come into existence? When did humankind first walk upright? Do we all have a common ancestry? How did the environment influence human evolution? And how is man affecting the . . .

A Jacuzzi In The Jungle!
Statutory warning: Proceed only if you are willing to punish your body. And, you will be banking on your hands innumerable times during the 90-minute trek to keep you from falling into crevices hitherto unexplored even by residents of the jungle.

Where Green Spells Grandeur
Enjoy the drizzle driving down the picturesque road from Watrap to Pilavakkal in Virudhunagar district. The sight ahead, through the car's windscreen, of the pyramidal hills against the mild rays of the sun is beckoning.

Camp In A Magazine House
In Ganeshgudi, you can get away from rush-hour pressures to idyllic tranquility.

Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary
The Srivilliputhur Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is famous for its squirrels — the grizzled giant squirrel to be specific as well as flying squirrels and other animals.

Lions Arrive At Pilikula Nisarga Dhama
Two new lions Narasimha and Siri have arrived at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama from Mysore Zoo. Narasimha (lion) is 12 years old and Siri (lioness) is 3 years.

Commune With Mangalore
Mangalore is one of India's best kept tourist secrets. M. RAGHURAM does a whirlwind tour of what's on offer.

Swiss Landscape
Switzerland boasts of calm lakes, sylvan surroundings and vast grassland where cattle graze.

Staying Warm
Mistletoe and chestnuts roasting by the open fire are all very well. But if you're toes are icy and your nose is runny, even the most romantic Christmas scene will inspire little more than `Bah, humbug!' So if you're planning to storm though
London ...

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