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Thursday, June 15,  2006


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 From June 09,  2006 - June 15, 2006

Preparing For The Monsoon
Kingfisher Airlines is offering a host of comfort measures for its passengers for the monsoon. First, valets will be employed at airports to carry big canopy-sized umbrellas to escort guests.

Fast Track To The Future
From the Great Wall to the MagLev, China presents an interesting mix of tradition and modernity. The MagLev train flies a few inches above the tracks at speeds above 400 kmph...

The Seat Of Esoteric Knowledge
Most of the colours and emblems used in the robes, carpets and furniture made in
Sikkim have a mystic significance and the medallions and thankas are said to ward off specific misfortunes or attract benevolent forces, write Hugh and Colleen Gantzer

Tiger Land
Situated in the lap of Agastiyarmalai, which is known as the super hotspot of biodiversity in Tamil Nadu, Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) is also a tourist hotspot.

Fusion In The Jungle
Yesterday I saw a monkey and a Malabar giant squirrel fighting for a jackfruit on top of a tree, says Rupa Jhaveri, a middle-aged woman from Ahmedabad, sitting in front of her cottage in the Vythiri Resort.

Take A Trip
China has come up with a unique promotion, "Come to Mainland China Fly to Mainland China", extending the idea of providing customers an experience of the land beyond the Great Wall.

An Oasis Of Calm
Heggunda is an ideal destination for a short, daylong break

Dhaka Hawks Want Ancient Dhakeswari Temple Shifted
In a bid to appease fundamentalist Muslims in the run-up to the 2007 general election in
Bangladesh, certain sections of the Begum Khaleda Zia Government are mounting pressure to shift the historic Dhakeswari Kali temple located in the heart of . . .

How do we look at the mountains, and how do the mountains look at us? What roles do heights and distances play in the lives of our body, mind and eye?


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