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Tuesday, June 06 , 2006


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From May 31, 2006  to June 06, 2006

Denial Won't Help

The United Nations report on the status of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic seems to have both positive

and negative portents.

Nations Try To Patch Up Splits On Sex At Aids Meet.........

The president of the United Nations General Assembly has sought to break the deadlock over a UN

declaration on AIDS, with Islamic countries objecting to empowerment for girls and the United States

and others resisting defining financial targets.

Positive Alert

India has overtaken South Africa. A UNAIDS report says that with 5.7 million HIV-positive people,

India has the world's largest population infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. That's two-

hirds of the figure for Asia.

Yuva: Centre's 5-Yr Action Plan To Spread Aids Awareness

This yuva is not the Bollywood hit starring Abhishek Bachchan. YUVA is Youth Unite for Victory

against AIDS, a five-year government action plan to create awareness among 450 million youth and

adolescents in the country about AIDS.

Development Control Rules `Outdated'

Planning norms must reflect changing conditions: Gopinatha Rao Development control rules are `in

urgent need of reform' Outdated rules have resulted in deviations from approved plans

Bosch Launches New Facility In Bangalore

Plant to make common rail high pressure pumps Plans investment of Rs. 1,800 cr. before 2008 To

start production of rail injectors in Nashik in 2007

No Signs Of Halt To Aids Pandemic: United Nations

"World's response to disease is inadequate" India has largest number of people living with the virus

Education programmes not reaching high-risk groups But, drug treatment slowly reaching those in

or countries

Anbumani Disagrees With Aids Figures

Union Health and Family Welfare Minister A. Ramadoss said on Wednesday he disagreed with the

biennial UNAIDS report that said India had an estimated 5.7 million people infected with HIV/AIDS in

2005, overtaking South Africa where the number stood . . .

Left Out Children With Aids

No India-specific guidelines for the treatment, care, and support of children living with HIV have

been distributed.

India Tops List Of Aids-Hit Nations

The UNAIDS officials said it is difficult to offer a precise figure of how many of 5.7 million AIDS

patients are receiving anti-retroviral drugs.

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