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Tuesday, May 09 , 2006


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From May 03, 2006  to May 09, 2006

Child Hiv Count On Cards

India is about to embark on an exercise to estimate the number of children who are infected with

HIV and need anti-HIV therapy to extend their lives, international health experts have said. 

Novel Plan For Old City Development

Denizens come together and form committee to achieve their goal 

Kumaraswamy Blames Centre For Slow Pace Of Development

Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Sunday blamed the Centre for the slow pace of development

programmes in the State. 

Sensitising Students To Aids

All questions related to HIV/AIDS can be written on a small piece of paper and dropped into this box.

This is the Field Question Box, which would be found on the campuses of at least a couple of

schools in various districts of Tamil Nadu. 

Mysore Selected For Centre's Tourism Development Project

The city will receive  50 crore for development Comprehensive action plan to develop Mysore as a

tourist destination to be prepared shortly A meeting with environmentalists and elected

representatives on the proposed plan to be held soon Minister 

Haryana Plan For Development Of Sugarcane

Farmers to get 50 per cent subsidy 

High Risk Groups Pose Concern
The number of HIV infections in India are on the rise, and according to official figures, more than 5.2

million people are now thought to be living with the virus, the second largest number in any country

after South Africa. That was an increase . . . 

Ngos Building Homes For Aids-Hit Children To Get Land Free Of Cost

Chief Minister's call to make Andhra Pradesh AIDS-free State Chief Minister launches Aasha-II Many

had visited testing and counselling centres after Aasha-I The State has 5.65 lakh AIDS patients

Highest Prevalence Of Aids In State'

Prevalence substantially higher in Andhra Pradesh than all-India average 

Mysore Software Exports Touch  400 Crore

Thirty-eight IT companies are based in the city now Last year the exports figure was . 319 crore

A total of 38 IT companies are based in Mysore now

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