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Saturday, December 23,  2006

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                                                                                                        From, December 17, 2006 to December 23, 2006

Transfer Pricing Vs It: A Case Of Wrong Comparables

The taxman has rattled the IT (information technology) industry with the transfer-pricing (TP) orders.

Q&a: Committing Ourselves Beyond The Market

As chairman of the advisory council of CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development, Y C Deveshwar is promoting the concept of triple bottom line or economic, environmental and social performance, for sustainable deve-lopment.

`The Domestic Violence Act Is Well-Framed, But It Should Be Implemented Right'

There should be more publicity about this Act to increase awareness that it is possible for women to complain not only against physical but also emotional and psychological abuse. — Sarah Matthew, President, Feminist Association for Social Action.

The Icsi Does Not Rank Companies For Corporate Governance

Corporate behaviour is a derivative of socio-economic perspectives of the country as well as globalisation. Legislation definitely helps in stimulating good corporate behaviour, by specifying norms in this respect. MR H. M. CHORARIA, PRESIDENT, ICSI

'Stainless Steel Demand To Go Up'

Finland-based stainless steel major Outo Kumpu considers India to be a market with strong potential for speciality products.

Interview: Nirupam Sen, Industries Minister Of West Bengal

"Tell me, where else in the country have all the land-losers been included in the process of development?" asks West Bengal Industries Minister Nirupam Sen, making it clear that the CPI(M)-led Left Front government is not . . .

What Rupee Has To Do With Baht

When the Sensex crashed by 500 points on Tuesday, it wasn’t on account of wrong political signals. In what seems to be another illustration of an increasingly interlinked global economy, the Sensex and all major emerging market indices fell because . . .

Interview: Vijay Jawandhia, Farm Activist

Vijay jawandhia is one of the leading farm activists in Vidarbha. Anyone looking for hard data and analysis on the cotton crisis consults him.

‘People Care For The Needy In A Growing Economy’

Sunita Balser, a German social worker spent two weeks in Hyderabad as part of an exchange programme, studying the people, their problems, and processes of finding solutions.

Q&a: Politics In Cinema Is In The Narrative

The Israelis and the Arabs hate Elia Suleiman, whose films including Chronicle of a Dis-appearance and Divine Intervention have won prizes at Venice and Cannes festivals.

`For Japan, India Is A First Mile Investment'

"Japan is now focused on India. The first tranche of it can easily be $2 billion, immediately, in the next 15 months. What they have not done in 15 years they will do in 15 months... " — MR KAMAL NATH, COMMERCE MINISTER.

We Have A Very Bitter Experience Of Alliances In Uttar Pradesh. We Will Not Support Any Other Party’

Rajnath Singh, a former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, is the president of a party that’s out of power and going through the difficult paces of readying for an Assembly election in his home state next year and the general election in two and a . . .

Indian Movies Fail Because They Are Simply Too Long’

Nasreen Munni Kabir is an independent television producer and director, and author of ‘Guru Dutt: A Life in Cinema and Talking Films’ and ‘Conversations on Hindi Films with Javed Akhtar’.

`Development Cannot Be Pulled Out Of Thin Air'

The broader issue is one of development versus displacement of which Singur is a representative example. For the development process to take off, land is needed. This means displacing people.

Article 370 Needs A Close Look, Says Tarigami

Communist Party of India (Marxist) secretary in Jammu and Kashmir Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami has escaped several attempts on his life, but his family members have not been so lucky.

Vp Had Almost Solved Ayodhya Imbroglio

Kishore Kunal is known as much for his impeccable integrity as for streamlining the functioning of various temples in Bihar.

`My First Love Is Poetry'

Shiv K. Kumar talks about an eventful career in literature, both as a teacher and a writer, and his latest novel, Two Mirrors at the Ashram, published recently.

Q&a: 'Rich Countries Should Bear Emissions Burden'

Few documents in recent times have raised as much storm as the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change.

‘Indian Manufacturing Is Resilient'

Unido’s regional director for south Asia Philippe R Scholtes is bullish on India emerging as a manufacturing superpower, closing in on China.

Tax Aspects To Consider Before Sending Staff On Deputation

When an Indian company deputed its staff to the foreign parent company, should it deduct tax from salary paid to the staff? This, in simple, was the question before the Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) recently.  

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