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Saturday, December 16,  2006


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                                                                                                        From, December 10, 2006 to December 16, 2006

The Callous Youth?

Why is it that the young professionals like doctors, engineers, software professionals, finance

consultants do not even go out to vote ? Aren't we a country of the young, ruled by the old, a

country where cabinet ministers walk with the help of . ..

The Everlasting Melody

Pravin Godkhindi realises soaring popularity charts is not everything. It is important to retain a

connection with the song of the soul.

Q&a: 'Protect Infant Industries'

FICCI and Sri Ram Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources are organising a seminar on

December 18, titled 'Making Globalisation Work', an India perspective, on the basis of Joseph Stiglitz's

recent work on the subject.

"In Terms Of Numbers, A Tsunami Hits Congo Every Six Months"

United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesAntonio Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal,

was in New Delhi on invitation from the Government of India. In an interview, he spoke of the

multiple crises that confront the world.

Lost In The Fog

Fifty flights were delayed, four cancelled and six diverted on Tuesday and you knew winter had


Gas-Related Gyan For Accountants

With the trend of high crude prices expected to continue in the short to medium term, natural gas

will be more cost competitive than liquid fuels. — MR ANISH DE IS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR,


We Will Soon Ink A Trade Pact With India’

Following the establishment of India’s diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, both countries have

been making efforts to strengthen bilateral economic ties.

Of Olive Oil And Sticky Issues...

One of the Council's objectives is to consolidate the technical activities... We have many sticky

issues and tricky situations between member-nations. — MR HABIB ESSID, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,


‘I Want To Paint A Picture Of Japan-India Partnership That’S Full Of Energy . ..

As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits Japan, there is a sense in both countries that India and

Japan should make up for lost time in building a multi-dimensional bilateral partnership.

'My Highest Moment Is... When Vajpayee Became Pm'

The following is the full transcript of Mr LK Advani's interview, telecast by CNN-IBN on Monday


Q&a: 'Progressive Laws Strengthen Reformers'

Be it a newspaper article, a book or a documentary — Rinki Bhattacharya has tackled the issue of

domestic violence in unnerving detail.

Indian History Is Full Of Drama And Excitement

I do object to the idea that the only way to write history seriously is to use using tired, 1950s post-

odernist jargon which has lost its impact and validity.

Halving Poverty By 2015

This Forum provides an opportunity for stakeholders from eight South Asian countries to evaluate

their progress towards meeting the MDGs, the challenges they face, and the actions needed in the

short-to medium-term future to meet the 2015 deadline.

Madhavan Nair, Chairman, Isro

Interview with G. Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO, and Secretary, Department of Space.

Eileen Kuttab, Palestine Activist

Interview with Eileen Kuttab, Director, Institute of Women's Studies, Beirzet University, West Bank.

'We Can Find A Way To Reflect Your Present Positions In Siachen'

Pakistani High Commissioner explains his country's difficulty in authenticating Indian troop positions in

Siachen but indicates the issue is poised for a breakthrough.

‘It (Reform) Must Have A Human Face, Because When Industry Comes, You Have To Think Of

The Displaced’

By meeting you at the Sun Temple, we thought that you would get to come here as well and have a

look. I must compliment you on the fact that you have really improved that road. Last time when I’d

come here, I called it an orthopedician’s . . .

Bill Factors In Pm’S Concerns, Stage Set For Law Ending India’S N-Winter

With the final version of the Indo-US civil nuclear cooperation Bill now out, India awaits the formal

approval of the US Congress to what will become the first-ever legitimate acceptance by any

country of India’s “unique” nuclear status and its . . .

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