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Saturday, November 18,  2006


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                                                                                                        From, November 12, 2006 to November 18, 2006

`Empower Panchayats To Root Out Poverty'

To the extent that monitoring and control structures for bureaucrats are weak, power can be devolved from the bureaucrats to panchayats where monitoring is better.

Q&a: Companies Should Think Beyond Profits

Udaipur-based Hindustan Zinc has been active with health and hygiene, education, sustainable livelihood, treatment of animal husbandry and education and nutrition issues.

District Employment Exchange To Hold Interview Today

The Erode District Employment Exchange, Manalmedu, near diesel shed, would hold interview on November 16 (Thursday) at 11 a.m. for the posts of welders, electricians, fitters and service engineers, Collector D. Karthikeyan said in a press release on . . .

'Gm Crops Help Cut Pesticide Use'

Climate change, food security, healthcare, water availability, GDP — all these issues are interconnected, cautions Gordon Conway, chief scientific adviser for UK’s department for international development (DFID).

Madhur Jaffrey

Former actress and curry queen pens her memoir, Climbing the Mango Tree.

Knowing & Understanding: There's A Difference

A man with eight PhDs — he was proud of his achievement — met a monk. The monk asked him, "Why have you been so foolish in life?"The man said: "But I have eight PhDs!"

'Govts Are Not Bridging The Digital Divide'

Intel chairman on where the government is not doing enough—education, healthcare, economic development and its interface with state services.

"Blame Game Will Kill The Anti-Terror Mechanism"

Pakistan foreign minister says the joint mechanism can work only if India and Pakistan don't make impossible demands on each other.

"Need For Muslim Officers In Intelligence Gathering Is Acute"

The former secretary, RAW, who served as governor of J&K on the need to induct Muslims with merit and integrity into the intelligence agencies.

Déjà Vu Revisited

The formal dialogue process resumes after the short disruption due to Mumbai terror attacks in July, marked by the strong insistence by India to focus on terrorism, and the equally predictable response. Official briefing.

'The Cross-Border Links'

'What we say is that there are elements in Pakistan, and we do not qualify this, there are elements in Pakistan which have been involved in not just assisting but inciting terrorism in India. Who controls, how much control, that is not for us to say'.

Sensitive Products Must Not Be Used As Trade Barriers'

We are aware of India's interest in uranium and we are also aware of our requirements in relation to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Yunus Made Credit A `Fundamental Human Right'

Once you have credit... you have money for investment... leading to higher income... to some more savings, better consumption and then you again inject more credit so this vicious cycle becomes a virtuous cycle. — MR KHALID SHAMS, MANAGING DIRECTOR, . . .

Poverty And Disease Are The Main Challenges: Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of the Republic of South Africa has been chosen for the Gandhi International Peace Prize 2005. Excerpts from a conversation with Devaki Jain.

Q&a: 'Santa Has To Work Hard To Keep Alive Dreams'

The "original" Santa Claus, Father Christmas , from Lapland visited Delhi recently with the Finnair team that flagged off the Delhi-Helsinki direct flight.

Musharraf Comes Across As Rambo, Bullets Flying All Around, Him Keeping Pak Intact. Terrible Image’

This is part of the Delhi ridge that a little bit of activism and judicial help has been able to save for us...That’s why we chose it for this interview with you. But Imran tell me something. Your stardom comes from cricket. But what occupies your . . .

Q&a: 'Consumers Should Reject Wildlife Products'

Globally, the illegal trade in wildlife is worth £5 million annually, most of it sourced from Asia, particularly India and China. London is a trading hub.

We Like To Adopt The Indian Model'

A seven-member delegation led by the Moroccan minister of economic affairs Rachid Talbi El Alami was in India recently to invite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to lead a delegation to the Fundamentals of Investment Summit to be held at Rabat on . . .

Aseem Gupta

Interview with Aseem Gupta, Commissioner of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.  

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