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                                                                                                        From, October 01, 2006 to October 07, 2006

`There Are Safeguards To Prevent Real-Estate Profiteering From Sezs'

The Board of Approval for SEZs is aware of concerns of the farm sector and State governments have also been sensitised about adequate compensation for farmers.

Journalists Now Have To Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time’

Lionel Barber has been editor of the Financial Times for almost a year. Before that he was in charge of the newspaper’s edition in America, where in total he spent 10 years of his 21 years with FT.

Animal Cruelity And Youth Violence

Cruelty to animals is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an important indicator of how the person is going to behave towards humans as well. Let me give you one example :

Pakistan's Bhutto Presses To Return For Elections

Former Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto said on Thursday she wants to return to run in 2007 elections and accused the country's military ruler of failing to tackle religious schools that promote global terrorism.

Genetically Modified Rules

India has come a long way since the first genetically modified cotton seeds were approved for cultivation in 2002.

'Better Port Security Vital For Trade'

Rising terrorist threats and drug trafficking has also drawn attention towards security at the ports. The US administration has introduced Container Security Initiative (CSI) to beef up security systems and efficiency scanning at its ports.

‘The Un Offers An Alternative, Not A Panacea’

Ban Ki-Moon has been Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea since January 2004. He has won the most number of votes in the crucial straw poll for the post of the next UN secretary-general.

Letting The Light In

V.P. Ranga Rao, novelist and scholar, talks about the nature of R.K. Narayan's artistic vision.

Q&a: 'Bombard The Government With Rti Queries'

For the last three years, Shailesh Gandhi, 59, has been spreading awareness about Right to Information (RTI) Act across Maharashtra.

'Sick Of War, Young Americans Are Drawn To Gandhi

Democrat Congressman from Georgia, USA, on the Civil Rights Movement and the need to use non-violence as a tool of foreign policy and fighting terror.

‘Doubt Is The Way In Which You Change Things’

John Ralston Saul’s immensely popular books are in persistent battle against today’s slide towards technocracy.

Q&a: Lage Raho... Is A Film About Hope

As the trial for Mumbai blasts unravels, the success of Lage Raho Munnabhai has come as a welcome relief for Sanjay Dutt, the film's lead star and one of the accused in the case. Kudrat Bhatia and Percy Fernandez spoke to Dutt at his house in Mumbai:  

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