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Saturday, July 08,  2006


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                                                                                                                   From, July 02, 2006 to July 08, 2006 

'There Is Low-Intensity War In Sri Lanka'

Ulf Henriccson , a Swedish national, heads the European truce monitoring team in Colombo. Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) oversees the February 2002 ceasefire between the LTTE and the government.

‘By 2007, Increase In H1b Visa Quota Likely’

At present 65,000 people from across the world are allowed to enter the US under the H1B category of which almost 50 per cent are IT professionals from the southern states

"Science Is One Field The Europeans Can Learn Quite A Bit From Indians"

Bernd Mützelburg, Germany's Ambassador in India, was in Chennai on Tuesday to participate in the inauguration of the 300th anniversary celebrations of German missionary Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg's arrival in India.

Dalai Nephew Likens Tibet Railway To Invasion

A nephew of the Dalai Lama on Wednesday likened a railway linking China and Tibet to a second invasion of his homeland, saying Chinese settlers will dilute Tibetan culture and identity and harm the fragile eco-system.

`India Has The Advantage Of Low Employee Cost And Best Technology'

A manufacturer has to have the best of both (low staff cost and technology). Complete automation, as in Europe and America, is still not the best solution here. MR PRAVEEN KADLE, EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR, FINANCE, . . .

Interview: Dr. Palitha T.B. Kohana

With no end in sight to mindless violence, how do you assess the current situation? It is difficult to understand the approach of the LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] given the fact that the whole world has unequivocally expressed . . .

'Quality Education Is Not Meant For A Few Children'

A backward class leader who rose to become the chief minister of Karnataka is heading the committee set up by the prime minister to prepare the roadmap to build a knowledge society.

Indian Markets Are Still Expensive: Mark Mobius

India is about 20 times versus 14 for emerging markets on P/E basis

`India Is Exciting, But Not Without Hassles'

A growth rate of 7-8 per cent is sustainable for India and very good in Asian terms. But investing in India is also very challenging.

`People's Desire To Own An Affordable Four-Wheeler Has Gone Up'

Through its persistent push into passenger cars, the huge loss it suffered some years back and subsequent return to profitability, one quality that characterised the public face of Tata . . .

Nepal To Ask U.N. To Monitor Rebel, Army Arms

Nepal will ask the United Nations to monitor weapons of Maoist rebels and the army ahead of elections for an assembly to map out the country's political future, the home minister said on Saturday.

Naxalites Fighting A Losing Battle In Ap, Says Dgp Sen

Andhra Pradesh has probably more experience in tackling armed Maoist uprising than any other state.

Discontent Is A Very Productive Emotion

Australian writer Judith Rodriguez on her books and writing in general. I suppose Homes and Families would be one side of my work ... my poetry is partly about that because it is the scene of our most important decisions ... it is the cradle of . . .

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